green card application
green card application

Green card  is a strong key to becoming a United States citizen, take it or leave it without a green card. You can be granted the access of becoming a citizen and due to the kind of economic opportunities, and great qualities which are attached to the country, it has been a dream of most immigrants to want to migrate to this Country. 

Now this green card is also very important because it also allows you to work there permanently in United. First, you can get green card help from a lawyer and pay him off for the professional service rendered. Also, this could be done all by yourself through the following options without engaging any professional. 

Now to the meaty part, how to get green card through the following ways:

1 .Through Marriage: A Marriage green card allows the spouse  of  U.S a green card automatically, so the person can live with her/ his spouse permanently, without having to worry about anything, the marriage certificate is very important because that is key thing to obtaining a green card, because they must see a prove that you are married .

2. Through family: Getting a green card through a  family member is actually the most common way to obtain a green card, it can even be the easiest way to obtain legal permanent residency. You can also get a few  special  circumstances where you can get a  green card, this include being a battered spouse or child, a widow or widower of a US citizen, this is also  another way.

3. Through job: In this aspect your employer can be part of a petition for a green card, you have been granted a job offer, so if the job is a permanent job your employer must have done all the necessary things there by making sure to ask you if you have gotten yourself involved in a crime before, this could be a problem, so you  must be clean and have clean background check 

4. Through extraordinary abilities:This is really not muu of  a common way to get a green card but you can get it, so these extraordinary abilities could be becoming the best in one’s fields, like Olympics athletes, so this gives you the opportunity to travel around the world and you can easily choose to permanently stay in U.S 

5. Being an Immigrant as refugee : Immigrants who entered the country as refugees  can also apply for a green card, that is one year after entering the country, so it’s just easy access

Conclusion :

So the green card is a very imprevative to own and has different processes as earlier explained, so it is needed to know the particular category to settle for so as to be able to file a correct petition in applying for a green card. And once all the necessary steps have been taken, though the time it takes to get completed varies,but once it is completed and approved you are good to go.


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