How To Get a Broken Key Out of a Lock?

Get Broken Key Out of Lock
Get Broken Key Out of Lock

Removing a broken key out of a lock is an easy task to do, and it might take a few minutes to do. If you are in a condition where you have stuck a broken key into the lock, don’t be tensed. Here we will write about how you can get rid of that situation.

If you contact a locksmith, it will cost you more, and the arrival of the locksmith will take some time. On the other hand, if you try to do it by yourself, it will be less expensive as well as less time-consuming.  

Read the writing to get to know how to get a broken key out of a lock.

How to Get a Broken Key Out of a Lock?

By the below-mentioned steps, you should be able to remove the broken key.

  • Spray Lubricant

For best results pick up a silicon spray as it is water-resistant, it will protect the lock from rust. Now on the spray nozzle, attach the straw attachment, and on the opening of the lock, press the spray attachment. 

Using graphite powder is also a wise decision. As it will assist lubricate without gumming up the lock. 

  • Align the Cylinder

Without aligning a cylinder, if you try to remove a broken key, it will stay stuck there. So, you have to turn the cylinder in the locked or unlocked position to pull out the key from the lock. 

Needle nose pliers can be useful here to reach inside the cylinder. Keep turning the cylinder as long as the lock is locked or unlocked.

  • Insert the Broken Part of the key

Now move the broken part of the key smoothly into the lock as long as it touches the fractured section. Examine where the large groove of the key is located because that will be the best place to place in the defective key extractor tool.

  • Slide the Extractor Tool into the Lock

Okay, let me clear the matter of extractor tool at first. There are several sets of broken key extractor tools such as- spiral extractor tool, key hooks extractor tools, etc. available in the market, and you can order them online as well. 

In different kinds of locks,various extractor tools may work. So, choosing the best broken key extractor tool need some trial. But a small hook tool can grab the majority of key shapes and types. Try to use them.

  • Twist the Extractor Tool and Pull Out

After inserting the key extractor tool into the lock, turn it slowly toward the key. Now while pulling the tool back, press the handle toward the end, away from the lock. Keep doing this until the hook extractor tool reaches one tooth, and you can drag the broken part of the key free. 

If you are using a spiral tool instead of a key hooks tool, follow the same method but turn the handle more than a few times before you pull the tool straight back.

  • Some Other Materials For Removing a Broken Key

Other than key extractor tools, you can use some other materials which are handy such as- bobby pin, hair clip, safety pin, Swiss army knife, button pin, tweezers, super glue, jigsaw blade, etc. 

You can also make your key extractor tool, which is a saw blade extractor. It is super easy to make and easy to use. Let’s now briefly know how to make it and use it 

Take a coping saw blade, which is made of thin and fragile metal. On one side of the blade, the blade teeth should be angled, break off that end of the blade. If you don’t have a coping saw blade, take anything thin, long, stiff, and cylindrical.

Now on the other end, drape several layers of duct tape so that the blade teeth don’t poke, and the extractor tool is ready.

Then spray lubricant into the lock like previously mentioned way and clean up excess grease that comes out from the cylinder.

Next, insert the broken end of the coping saw blade into the lock cylinder and make sure the saw blade teeth are positioned upward. Until the saw blade touches the key inside, keep twisting the handle. If your key has teeth on both sides, then slide the saw blade (with teeth) up and down.

Finally, turn the saw blade toward the key and pull the edge out slightly. You may have to repeat this several times as long as the blade grabs the key. 

Final Words

While performing all the processes of removing a broken key, don’t do hurry. Take your time and complete all of the steps accurately. 

If you don’t have the right kind of tool and don’t have time to make one, then you should call a locksmith. It will cost you little, but you will get the best service quickly. 


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