4 Steps to Disinfect Your Airplane Seat


If there’s one major impact the pandemic has had on our culture, it’s made a lot of us much more aware of our surroundings, especially when in close proximity to others. Airplanes are especially on the list of places where you have to do everything you can to keep exposure to germs down to a minimum. You’re flying in an aluminum tube filled with hundreds of other people, so there’s bound to be some trouble in the germs department. 

One of the biggest concerns for both frequent and infrequent fliers might be sitting in a seat where someone else has been lounging in for several hours. You don’t know who that person was or the kinds of germs they might’ve left behind. You can bring sanitation wipes and wipe down the whole chair, but the more reasonable option is probably investing in reusable seat covers so that you don’t get dirty looks trying to disinfect your chair. The last thing you’ll want to do is to dampen your chair and sit in it for a long flight.

There are other ways of disinfecting your airplane seat to prevent yourself from getting sick. Let’s look at those now:

Hand Washing Is Necessary

We’ve all heard the jingle replaying in our heads since the start of the pandemic. Many people have even written songs about it, reminding us to wash our hands frequently when out in public. Although airlines are putting extra efforts into ensuring that these guidelines are followed to the letter, you must also invest in making sure that you are well protected both from the virus and other possible germs that may be lurking around your airplane seat. 

Before boarding, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly using soap and water. Take note of the spaces in-between your fingers and the back of your hand. To be double sure, wash your hands twice and then proceed to use hand sanitizer to wrap things up. If you do not have the opportunity to wash your hands thoroughly before the flight, use your alcohol-based hand sanitizer and lather on all areas of your hands.

Come Aboard with Your Wipes

One of the biggest ways to ensure that you are protected from the germs that are present in the airplane seat is to come prepared. As part of your hand luggage, make sure to pack disinfecting wipes. You can also invest in travel-sized sprays that fit perfectly in your hand luggage. Make sure wherever you bring is allowed under current travel guidelines, as large bottles of soap and other liquids are forbidden, which can make sanitation a little harder. 

Wear Your Mask

Studies have also revealed that wearing masks when out in public is the best thing you can do to prevent infection of any virus. Masks produce a barrier that can stop the virus from entering the mouth and nose, which is where the coronavirus and other germs can set up shop and leave you feeling sick. The most recent recommendations from health professionals even say two masks work better than one for added protection. It may be inconvenient, but if you’re determined not to get the coronavirus, flu, or other illnesses while flying with others, wearing any type of mask or face covering will increase your chances of staying healthy. 

Avoid Touching Your Face

The fastest way to introduce germs to your body is via the skin. By reducing the frequency at which you touch your face less often or avoiding it altogether, you can rest assured that you will be able to minimize the chances of developing health complications. The average person, even though they’re wearing a mask, isn’t trained in how to remove their masks properly. They can still get the germs on their hands and touch their face, eyes, or even stick their fingers in their mouth, bypassing any security the mask might’ve provided. Even if you’ve used sanitizer or washed your hands, you never know what you’re going to touch that is contaminated. 

During these troubling times, it is up to you to keep yourself and your family safe from sickness and germs. As we begin to end our lockdowns and come out of hiding, it might be inevitable to find ourselves on a plane, especially as we get closer to summer vacation. You can still have fun and take your trip without worrying about getting infected by following these four steps. Happy travels! 


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