How To Choose The Right Harley Davidson Jacket

The Right Harley Davidson Jacket
The Right Harley Davidson Jacket

You’ve just picked out the perfect Harley Davidson bike. Congratulations. Now you just need the jacket to match. Let’s take a look at some of the great options & styles available to find the perfect jacket for your Harley Davidson, and for your riding style.

Sport Jackets

Harley Davidson has a variety of jackets that fall into the sports jacket category. These jackets are perfect for the rider with a need for speed.

Say hello to the Watt Leather Jacket. Featuring an asymmetrical double zipper and the Harley-Davidson name emblazoned across the chest for a sleek look. This jacket is designed with a slimmer fit than other jackets on this list, allowing for more flexibility and movement thanks to its leather construction stretch panels. As well as looking great, It has built-in moulded vents and micro perfs that offer passive cooling. Not only is this jacket equipped for the heat, but it also has handwarmer pockets for the cooler weather. Safety, is of course on the list of features, with a removable lightweight Dainese Pro-Armor at the elbows and the shoulders & the option for back armour.

Another jacket in the sports category is the Sidari Leather Jacket. This jacket is perfect for the rider who wants to make a bold statement. The jacket has a slim design and features race-inspired yellow stripes across the chest and arms. You’ll be drawn to the matte leather made with venting perforations perfect for stop-and-go traffic. It too will keep you safe with armour pockets at the elbow and shoulders and space for armour inserts in the back. This jacket has padded shoulders and a sap-tab mandarin collar. It also has a two-way zipper in the front, hand-warmer pockets, and an interior pocket with a media port.

Rugged Jackets

If you’re after a looser fit than a sport jacket, this might be the option for you. These jackets exude strength and toughness.

The Wick Twister Leather Jacket equipped with an H-D Triple Vent System is the perfect example of a rugged jacket made by Harley Davidson. This jacket is a best-seller for good reason. The triple vent system delivers optional cooling in the Jacket. It also has hip release zippers and improved action back to elevate comfort. It’s also made with inside back waist snaps to keep the jacket from riding up. To keep with the rugged appearance, you’ll find two buckles at the bottom of the jacket that can be tightened at the waist. This jacket also features 3M Scotchlite Reflective Material Stripes to keep you safe on the road, as well as handwarmer pockets for your comfort with subtle red detailing underneath the perforation to complete the rugged look.

The Ozello Perforated Leather Jacket gets its rugged charm from the sleeve detail. The sleeves feature an embossed tri on the sleeves & minimalist design. The jacket is made for riders who want to stay cool while being protected, featuring pinhole perforations to help vent and release hot air, as well as a Coolcore back lining and vented action back. It has sewn-in armour, jacket-to-belt straps to prevent ride up, and sleek all-black hardware. It has a mandarin collar with comfort trim and a two-way offset zipper in the front, as well as zipper cuffs. This jacket has a media port pocket as well so you can always be connected.

Classic Jackets

The jackets in the classic category are timeless pieces that you would expect to see on any seasoned rider. These jackets have the best of both worlds, combining great fit with a rugged, timeless look. These jackets are great for the rider who wants something that will always be functional and stylish.

The Auroral 3-in-1 Leather Jacket is perfect for the rider who experiences all types of climates. This jacket features two front vents and two back vents to keep you cool and a removable full-sleeve hoodie for extra warmth that you can also wear separately. This jacket has body armour pockets at the elbows and shoulders as well as matte-finish cowhide leather that is artfully styled with reflective graphics to keep you safe after the sun sets. It has zipper hand-warmer and chest pockets, an interior stash pocket, and an interior media pocket. This versatile jacket is emblazoned with a skull and the Harley Davidson logo on the back.

If you’re on the hunt for a brown jacket instead of the traditional black leather, the Men’s Exhort Leather Jacket is perfect for the cold-weather enthusiast who is looking for a classic look. This jacket features a removable warmth layer so you’ll be prepared for wherever the road takes you. It has quilted stitching, contrasting leather accents, and venting panels to keep you looking stylish and feeling comfortable no matter the weather. It has body armour pockets to keep you safe with the option to add additional armour. This timeless design features the Harley Davidson name in red stitching on the front, and red and brown on the back to create stunning contrasts.


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