4 Signs To Check If Your Produce Are 100% Fresh

fresh produce
fresh produce

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic and the emergence of a new variant of the same deadly virus, people have become more conscious about their diet and lifestyle choices. Who could blame them? The pandemic chooses no one, and one of the most surefire ways to keep from getting infected is to boost one’s immune system.

Some have opted to avail fresh produce delivery in an attempt to eat healthier foods. Fresh and organic fruits and vegetables are high sources of nutrients and minerals needed by the body to build stronger defences against deadly diseases and infections. When these organic foods are exposed to too many chemicals or pesticides, they become poisonous and worse, inedible.

For those who are on the verge of adopting a more vegan and organic diet, here are some ways to tell whether fruits and vegetables are grown organically and kept fresh or not:

Background check

Before choosing a supplier or a source for fresh produce, conduct research about your local fruits and vegetable providers. You can also ask your friends and family for recommendations. If they have a website, check it out and read how they source their products. Do they specify how they keep their products safe and fresh for everyone? Do they exhibit transparency in maintaining the cleanliness of the organic food they handle and deliver?

Fruit and vegetable variant

If a fresh produce supplier offers several types of fruits and vegetables, make a note on how to check for freshness depending on the fruit or vegetable you want to buy. Potatoes that have sprouts are not rotten but are less tasty than those without sprouts. Fresh tomatoes should exhibit a healthy red hue all over and feel firm when touched. Any discolouration indicates that it has already gone bad. Some fruits such as bananas and avocados are tricky to check for freshness. The reason behind this is both fruits only start to ripen after they are picked. Ripe bananas with the perfect taste and texture are surprisingly those with brown spots on its peeling. On the other hand, avocados with dark green peeling are ripe and tastier.

Variety of products

Most of the time, organic food suppliers with a broad selection of products are expected to have the highest quality and the strictest types of protocols for sealing their food’s freshness. The logic being that since they can manage to get hold of and distribute a large number of fruits and vegetables, then they are also complete with advanced facilities and more than enough manpower for quality control. On the other hand, some suppliers have limited products to offer, yet are also just as dedicated to keeping their products free from chemicals.

Facilities and procedures

Does the management personally taste each of their products first before it is distributed to their customers? How many quality checks are conducted to verify the freshness of the products they sell? Does the supplier have a farm, or do they source their fruits and veggies from different locations or bodies? Asking these questions and knowing how to verify them enables you to make smarter judgments on which fresh produce delivery is committed to customer safety and satisfaction.

Getting started with a healthier diet entails staying vigilant over where you get your produce. By doing so, you are gradually enhancing your immunity against harmful diseases and infections.


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