How to change acoustic guitar strings?

How to change acoustic guitar strings
How to change acoustic guitar strings

The acoustic guitar comes with a shiny set of strings when you buy it. Some day later, you may notice, your guitar sounds dull. Besides, your fingers won’t flow over the fretboard. It is the right time to change your strings of your acoustic guitar.

You might be thinking about how to change acoustic guitar strings. You just need to follow a few steps. Below we are providing the steps. These steps are simple, and you can change it yourself.

Steps-How to change acoustic guitar strings

If you are a beginner to the guitar and do not know how to change acoustic guitar strings, you come to the right place. In this article, we are going to talk about steps on how to change acoustic guitar strings. It will help you change the strings of your acoustic guitar as well as you will be able to play the melodic tone in your guitar.

Step 1: Fix a Clean Area

You need to fix an area, and the area needs to be cleaned. So, you will not lose any equipment. Besides, your area needs to be quiet. Otherwise, you will not be able to tune your guitar.

Step 2: Collect Equipment

When you change acoustic guitar strings, you need some equipment. All you need is a wire cutter, a new string set, and a string winder. If you are a beginner, you need a tuning machine so that you can easily tune your acoustic guitar.

Step 3: Balancing the Neck

You should secure the neck of your acoustic guitar when changing strings. How do you secure the neck? You can use a soft and curved piece of polystyrene or a unique piece of equipment that you can buy from a nearby guitar store.

Step 4: Loosen the Tension of Each String

You need to use a tuning key to loosen the tension of the strings. You can use a tuning key to loosen strings. When you are done, unplug the string of the tuning post.

Step 5: Removing Bridge Pins

After the tension loosens, you need to remove the bridge pins. Therefore, you need to use the string winder to remove each pin. When you have entirely removed the bridge pin, you can now remove the string from the bridge of your acoustic guitar.

Step 6: Place the String and Bridge Pin

At the guitar’s soundhole, you have to face the notch of the bridge pin. Sliding the pin into the hole together with the string. At the same time, pull the line with the other hand. While dragging, you have to push the pin through the hole and pull it toward the bridge.

Step 7: Wind up The Strings

When you are pushing the strings, you need to wind up the strings. You can use a string winder to hold the strings tightly.

Step 8: Cut Extra Strings

You need to cut the extra strings to ensure smooth hand movement. You can use the wire cutter to cut the extra lines.

Step 9: Tuning up

When all is done, now is the time to tune your guitar. You can use a tuning machine, or you can find a tuner application on the internet.

Step 10: Stretching In

In the last step, you need to stretch the string in. Simply pull strings with your right hand and use the left side to hold the line so it can fix in the correct position of the nut.


It’s essential to change your strings frequently. If you don’t change the acoustic guitar string, you probably won’t get the right tune. Mention the above steps on “How to Change Acoustic Guitar Strings” will help you change the strings as well as get the right tunes.

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