How To Build a Fan Base as a Singer


How do some singers make it big with a massive fan following while some, despite being talented, struggle to even get small gigs? 

Part of it can be attributed to a singer’s ability to amass a loyal fan base that is always up to listen to their music. But how do you go about building a fan base when you are still at the dawn of your career? 

We say this is precisely the time that you should pay heed to this particular issue and make active efforts to gather a fan following. This will help you in smoothly gliding into the next phase of your career where every kid in every lane knows and sings your songs and you are doing tours and concerts in numerous cities. 

Here are some tips and tricks that will help you in this journey:

Live shows: One surefire way to please your existing lobby of fans and add more to the numbers is to perform live. Signing up for live shows will give your fans a chance to listen to you, see you in person and get a real experience of your music rather than just stream your music.

Chances are your fans will bring their friends and family along to your live shows and you will see an expanding fan club. While you are at the shows, you must make it a point to engage with the audience and being pleasant. The key point to note here is you would not want to perform too many live shows lest they lose their value.

Social media presence: Your fans will not feel like they have access to you if you do not have a robust social media game. The growing popularity of social media and the way the masses have taken to it is definitely a blessing for all budding artists.

You can use social media platforms to promote your upcoming shows and events, engage with your fans and keep a track of the latest trends so that you can stay relevant. You can also track the progress of your colleagues so that your own music can stay up-to-date. 

In the era where the number of followers you have corresponds to your popularity, you need to milk this social media tool for all its worth. A few tips are:

  • Identify your target audience and find out what they like. Then create and upload posts that might catch their attention. 
  • Posting regularly is a testament to your work ethic and pulls more people in than a ghost account that is just adding to the number of users on a social media platform. 
  • Sharing visual content in the form of photos and videos has proven to be more engaging than plain text posts. So even if you are promoting your shows, design a poster for it so that it reels more fans in.
  • Interacting with your fans in the comments section will cause them to grow fond of you. Also, share content from your fans by reposting/retweeting and support artists who are still in the larval stages of their careers. 

Collaborate with other singers: This is a no-brainer. You must have seen artists spanning the entire gamut do this all the time. Collaboration is like a one-time symbiotic relationship between two artists. It is a fabulous way of helping both parties out by promoting each other to their individual fan bases. And since your fans find you to be a credible source, they would want to follow other singers that you come together with. You will get a massive influx of fans this way and the other artist can benefit too. 

Have Spotify feature your music: Ever since Spotify started its operations in India, it is hard to find a smartphone user that does not have the Spotify app on their phone. It is safe to say this it is the most used music streaming platform today. 

People use Spotify to discover new artists and talents all the time and you could be one of them. It is an efficient way to increase your fan base if you are mildly popular. Get your songs featured on popular Spotify playlists and more people will come across them.

Video content: Most singers and musicians devote large finances to creating a music video because they have come to understand and play audience psychology to their benefit. 

A video that sits well with and complements your musical content is what the viewers feed on. 

Uploading your videos on YouTube can get views in thousands or even millions and it is an easy and surefire way to collect more fans. 

If entering the big leagues with your singing prowess is your goal, then you will need a good teacher that can hold your hand and usher you into this career of ups and downs. Of course, someone who is already amongst the best and has been through it all can guide you better than anybody else. Look no further because we are offering best online singing lessons on unluclass from the award-winning singer Monali Thakur. She has been in the industry for a long time and knows her way through the maze. Check our website for more information on this specially designed online singing class.


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