4 Inspiring Brands to Help You Create Your Own Product

Brands to Help You Create Your Own Product
Brands to Help You Create Your Own Product

When you’re thinking about entering the market with a new and exciting product, you’ll be casting around for inspiration regarding branding, marketing, and product design. While each business will want to bring their own flair and creativity to their product, you’ll still be looking out for inspiration from some of the world’s most successful brands, which will guide you to an understanding of what’s worked in the past, and what might work for you. Here are four inspiring brands to help you kickstart your product design and branding.


Of course, Apple are seen as one of the world’s most aspirational brands. Millions of pages have been written about the inspirational Steve Jobs, who masterminded Apple’s rise to become the world’s most valuable company.

Apple is famous for its sleek design, delivering consumers products that are both highly functional and incredibly design-focused. This strategy has enabled Apple to become one of the strongest brands in the world, maintaining one of the best logos out there, with instant recognisability and a huge amount of respect. Apple should inspire entrepreneurs to create products that are premium and well-regarded throughout the world.


Another of the world’s most famous brands, and traded under the parent company Alphabet, Google are widely regarded as the gatekeepers of the internet, and have created a range of products to help consumers navigate the internet and the world.

Simplicity is everything with Google, and if you’re creating a tech product like an app or a software solution, Google’s approach, offering simple and UX-led design, should be your number one source of inspiration. Google have continuously fought off competition from within the tech sector to become the market leaders in a number of different softwares and apps.


Based on the Roman God of the same name, Nike is a brand that’s strongly associated with athletic perfection and elite fitness. By dressing the world’s most famous athletes in their products, and using this as their front-and-center advertising, they’re able to associate their products with the very best.

By using Instagram influencers, and other powerful personal brands across the internet, you can associate your products with the elite, too. Like Nike, you can build a brand that speaks to ordinary people who aspire to use your products to improve their lives and achieve their goals.


Finally, for a different kind of brand, it’s worth taking into account the beauty, the simplicity, and the affordability of home furnishings company IKEA. Based in Sweden but proliferating worldwide, IKEA have made it their mission to drive cheap and attractive furniture design throughout the world.

The simple brand is well-regarded as a champion of ordinary people, democratizing style, grace, and the kind of wonderful interiors that consumers aspire to create. This brand may not be regarded as luxury, but it has positioned itself at the intersection of style and affordability – something that your brand should take into account if you’re looking to compete with other brands on price point.

There you have it: four top brands to draw inspiration from as you create your own world-beating products.


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