How To Avoid Mistakes in Information Technology (IT) Resume

IT Resume
IT Resume

The spread of the Covid-19 pandemic across the world led to many companies closing down, with many people becoming unemployed. Now, working in the Information Technology (IT) industry has never been more attractive. It’s one of the few sectors that saw a boost despite lockdowns in the past year and is on its way to reaching a value of 5.2 billion

Landing an IT job interview can be challenging due to the intensive competition for slots in the industry. But having an excellent resume can set you above the crowd and take you one step closer to landing the job. To achieve this feat, you’ll need to keep your CV void of mistakes, and this article can help you out. 

Here are five helpful tips to avoid mistakes in Information Technology resumes. 

Keep Things Tidy and Concise 

Yes, you are looking to wow the recruiting team with your mastery of applications and accomplishments. Then you fill your write-up with reference links, bullets, symbols, fancy and inconsistent fonts, IT jargon, and numerous formatting tricks. Such an approach could undermine your efforts and dramatically reduce the quality of your resume. Putting too many links and having bullet points running wild can distract and lead to vital information flying over recruiters’ heads. 

Most high-level companies employ Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) during their recruiting phase, and hyperlinks tend to distort the software. It’s best to keep your resume concise and straightforward. Consider dropping fancy formatting tricks such as extra colors and items, and keep things tidy instead. 

Have Professionals Help Out 

Having a professional prepare or guide you with writing improves your chances of getting that interview. It gives your write-up a professional touch helping you stand out from the crowd. Many people looking to land an interview for an information technology job often have some of the best IT resume writing services in 2021 help them out. If you’re looking for one, read their reviews to determine if they are the right fit for you. 

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Keep Things Simple 

It’s helpful not to assume that the recruiting team is as knowledgeable in information technology as you. Many job seekers fail to implement this rule and confuse recruiters with industry jargon. The best way around this problem is using common buzz words, elaborating on acronyms that appear in your document. Please write down the full meanings of these words on their first appearance in your resume. 

Here’s an example. 

  • Writing (GIS), write Geographic Information System (GIS) at first reference. 
  • Writing MIS, write Management Information System (MIS) at first reference. 

Use ATS-Friendly Words 

When writing resumes, you should use ATS-friendly words to improve your rankings on the software. Don’t try to stuff your documents with keywords as they would appear out of place. If you don’t know ATS-friendly words relevant to your job application or their placement, you can have an IT resume service help you out. 

Keep your Achievements and Skills Relevant

It’s common to see job seekers stuff their resumes with every skill and milestone they’ve achieved. Filling your document with such details isn’t wrong, but only if they are relevant to your potential position and aren’t dated. A skill in demand ten years ago very much likely won’t fly in the present day, especially in the tech industry.

It’s helpful to include only relevant or in-demand skills in your document. Stating that you are an excellent gamer in your about me section has no place in a resume. And neither does writing out how great you’re with a Microsoft office XP from 2001. In such situations where you aren’t acquainted with the latest technology or leave such information out of your CV. Also, avoid listing rudimentary skills and knowledge of necessary tools; recruiters expect you to understand them professionally. 

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Final Thoughts 

Resumes are often your first contact with the recruiting team, and only a high-quality piece will suffice for the IT industry. Here’s a summary of how you can avoid common mistakes when writing one. 

  • Try to use as little industry jargon as possible and ensure you explain acronyms that appear in your work. 
  • It’s best not to list your skills with obsolete technology. 
  • If you are having trouble writing a high-quality resume, you can have IT writing services assist you. 
  • Keep things simple. 
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