How Tight Should a Knee Brace Be?

Knee brace
Knee brace

In the United States, it is estimated that 40% of knee injuries occur every year. Most people will opt to wear knee braces to recover fast and for knee support. If you have sustained a knee injury or undergone knee surgery, you might be asking, should a knee brace be tight? Choosing to get your knee brace from should be your top priority if you want to understand more about knee braces and how they should be worn.

When you decide to wear a knee brace, you need to make sure that it isn’t moving or slipping. The knee brace needs to be tight enough that you could use your fingers to untie the straps. If you wear it correctly, you won’t have to worry about movement or using your fingers to undo it. Knee brace straps are designed to keep the knee brace steady and in the right position. 

What Do You Do to Make Sure the Knee Brace Fits?

First, you should find out if the doctor has recommended a particular brace. Experienced physicians will recommend the right knee brace depending on your situation and make sure it fits correctly. Strapped knee braces are ideal because you can adjust them. Non-strapped knee braces are flexible. 

In this article, you will learn more about knee braces to know which is the ideal fit. 

Get the Right Measurements for Your Knee

If you seek a knee brace, first, you should know the circumference of your knee. This is crucial, especially if you want a knee brace that fits. Using a flexible measuring tool will record accurate measurements. When you have the right tool, you can measure the circumference. Make sure you don’t rush. Also, remember your thigh. Getting the correct measurements will ensure you can get the knee brace that fits correctly. You don’t have to worry when you decide to wear one. 

Get the Right Measurements for Your Calf

If you choose to get a comfortable knee brace, you need to measure the calf’s circumference. Several knee braces will need the right measurements of the calf’s circumference besides the thigh. Don’t just assume that the thigh’s sizes will be similar to the calf. Measure your calf and write it down. Knowing the calf’s circumference will put you in a better position when you get the knee brace. It is worth noting that knee braces can be customized. 

Importance of Getting a Knee Brace That Fits

The best thing about wearing a knee brace is that the knee will be stabilized. Controlling your knee is essential if you’ve sustained an injury recently or undergone surgery. Limiting movement will be helpful if you wish to recover fast and avoid further injuries. For instance, if you’re dealing with injuries to the anterior crucial ligament (ACL), wearing a knee brace will be helpful. Most athletes who’ve injured their anterior crucial ligaments will have a high chance of getting hurt again. 

That’s why most physicians will recommend immobilization to avoid recurring injuries. If you continue engaging in your day to day activities, there is a chance that the situation could worsen. Not only will you take a lot of time to recover, but you could suffer from the same injury again. Also, it is essential to wear a comfortable knee brace to improve blood circulation. Wearing a tight knee brace will extend the recovery time since less blood will flow to the knee. Make sure you eat a well-balanced diet if you wish to hasten the recovery process. 

You will experience stiffness if you take too much time to recover. Ensure you get the right knee brace if you don’t want to experience stiffness. With stiffness, you could experience more pain. Chronic pain will force you to move less since you don’t want to aggravate your knee’s pain. And fewer movements will cause stiffness. You will find yourself in a cycle, and recovery will take a longer time than you expected. That’s why you should pick a knee brace that isn’t tight. 

Make Sure That the Knee Brace Fits by Purchasing the Right Knee Brace

Always remember that a knee brace should be comfortable and worn the right way to avoid slipping. Make sure it isn’t loose or tight. A tight brace will restrict blood flow, injure your skin, and you will find yourself taking too much time to recover. Getting the right knee brace should be your top priority if you wish to recover quickly and avoid further injury. 


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