How Tesla Revolutionised The Auto Industry and How Cars are Made

how tesla changed auto industry forever
how tesla changed auto industry forever

From the Nissan Leaf to the all-electric Volvo SUV XC40, we are starting to see more and more electric vehicles come to market. This is no surprise when you consider how environmentally conscious the people who buy cars are now and how much pressure is on manufacturers to operate in a greener way. There is also one huge reason for the way EV’s have transformed the auto sector – Tesla.

But just how has this motoring giant revolutionized an entire industry?

Tesla changed the auto industry forever

While it is was not the first company to dabble in electric vehicles, it is safe to say that Tesla continues to do it best and has been responsible for the advancement of electric cars. Before the company put serious resources into making this auto niche cool, no one really cared about it. Since being founded in 2003, Tesla has gone on to change how people view electric cars and single-handedly turned the auto industry on its head. 

But how did it do this? It really does come down to the cars it produces. In simple terms, they look cool and offer excellent performance. They are also packed with cool tech (such as auto-steer) which other cars do not always have. Whether it is the Model 3 or hotly anticipated new generation Roadster, driving a Tesla feels awesome. This, in turn, made all electric cars cooler and made people suddenly want to drive them.

Future growth for electric car market

It may be tempting to see Tesla’s success and the recent appetite for electric cars as a passing trend. This looks unlikely though and the efforts made by Elon Musk’s company seem to have set the whole electric car sector up for future growth. 

The constant drive for innovation at Tesla and how this brings the whole auto sector up to new levels of achievement will also help. One good example is how the company has implemented lean manufacturing processes to operate more efficiently. As the need to produce cars in a more cost-effective and greener way grows, lean manufacturing should become very important in all car companies.

Lean manufacturing skills in demand

If you plan to work in the auto industry, then picking up lean manufacturing skills is wise. As noted above, they are in high demand, and this should only increase in the future. Even manufacturers who do not make electric vehicles will use these processes to save money and materials. Key to working in this area is studying for a Masters in Manufacturing Engineering online at Kettering University. This program arms you with cutting-edge knowledge around lean manufacturing and sees you studying with one of the top universities around.

Tesla has been a game-changer for electric vehicles

There is no doubt that the rise of Tesla has also helped the electric car sector to rise up in its wake and has changed the whole auto industry. Pre-Tesla, electric vehicles were seen as something of a joke and underpowered or ugly. The emergence of Tesla’s vehicles and how they are produced has changed this view forever. 


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