How Tech is Delivering Worldwide Sports Betting


Sports betting is an ancient business genre that is often referred to as the gambling industry. Plunging a little into the history of several decades, most people will remember the process of buying tickets for betting. 

As everyone knows, demand generates supply, therefore, against the backdrop of a wave of popularity, bookmakers began to appear at a breakneck pace. Consequently, each of the companies needs to attract as many customers as possible. They do it in different ways. The most interesting is the introduction of technologies.

Everyone remembers a strange person near stores who accepted bets and wrote a check. And sometimes it is difficult to understand how the bookmaker industry has grown from men near the store so quickly into, for example, a Parimatch app, which is freely available at any time.

Tech in Sports Betting

A few years ago, all bookmaking operations could be carried out exclusively through a computer. To do this, it was necessary to go through a long authorization process on the official website of the bookmaker. Nowadays everything is a hundred times easier! Thanks to application development, bookies became able to increase their audience. Presently, every self-respecting bettor has a betting application installed. And thanks to the autosave function, users do not have to waste time and enter their username and password several times to enter the program.

Sometimes it happens that people want to attend a match but there is no opportunity due to the lack of time, or the game takes place on the other side of the planet. 

Today, most of the population doesn’t use TVs, and many betting applications have added the function of watching live streams. This feature significantly saves users time. But what if simple viewing on a small smartphone screen is not enough to get emotion?

For such situations, the best developers have created virtual reality technology. In order to use it, it is not necessary to buy special equipment. Users just need to have a smartphone and install the bookmaker’s application, which has already implemented such a function in its program. During the video broadcast, it’s enough just to click the VR-icon under the video and enjoy the feeling of being fully present at the game.

A miracle for sports betting was the development of a financial direction, namely, ways for withdrawing money. Thanks to a lot of trials and errors, the most popular bookmakers were able to organize the process of withdrawing funds to all possible payment systems. It does not matter what country the bettor lives in, he has the opportunity to receive winnings on the card of any bank and an electronic wallet in any currency!

Blockchain and betting

Nowadays, blockchain is actively used in banking to protect against fraud and validate payments. The use of this technology in bookmaking primarily ensures safety and anonymity for users, guarantees timely payments, and the absence of interference by third parties or human factors in the process of processing bets.

With the introduction of blockchain into the gaming industry, much-needed transparency can be provided and players will be able to place bets with a guarantee of a clear transaction.

Switching to cryptocurrencies can eliminate the problem of personal information leakage. The player can make payments using anonymized wallets, where he does not need to disclose his personal data. In addition, the use of cryptocurrencies frees players from waiting for long processing times that banks need to initiate payments.

Another advantage of the blockchain for the gambling industry is the absence of banking fees – cryptocurrency transactions cost ten times less than similar bank transfers.

The developers do not plan to stop at the achieved level. Further, betting promises to be even more interesting and exciting.


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