How Point of Sale Systems Help Your Business Grow

pos features and benefits
pos features and benefits

If you’re in the hospitality industry, then you know how challenging it can be trying to keep track of all the transactions and orders that occur in just one day. Trying to keep accurate books at the end of every month is a necessity that business owners also struggle with and making a mistake can mean affecting your bottom line and losing out on revenue.

Using a Point of Sale (POS) system, you can eliminate all of that uncertainty and tedious record-keeping that comes with handling numerous transactions. A great company to purchase a POS system from is Clientron. They have over 35 years of experience providing innovating solutions for their clients, and their POS machines have several advantages and benefits that will streamline your business. Clientron’s POS solutions combine reliability and a comprehensive warranty with a sleek modern design and user-friendly interface options that will help your hospitality business thrive and grow.

What Exactly is a Point-of-Sale System and How do They Work?

Point of Sale refers to the exact moment when a customer tenders’ payment for services or goods, in a physical or virtual store, which means that sales tax is now applicable and payable. It’s important to keep track of point-of-sale records because it can show trends in your customers buying habits and important sales data.

That’s where Point of Sale software and systems come in handy. They make keeping track of all that crucial information simple, easy, and available at the click of a button. Depending on which model you choose, you can track sales patterns, inventory, pricing accuracy, profits and losses, and even manage your employee’s schedules and payroll. The advantages are very clear, but here’s the top five reasons why using a POS system is important in helping your business grow and make money.

Five Advantages of Using Point of Sale Systems

1. Increase Efficiency and Accuracy

When you switch to a POS machine for your business, it will help improve the accuracy of your recordkeeping and transactions while promoting teamwork and efficiency amongst your employees. With the right tools, they can perform their job quicker and with greater accuracy. Your staff will be able to put in a precise, detailed order every single time. This will keep them doing their job efficiently and with less costly mistakes that spell lost profits.

2. Accept a Broader Variety of Payment Methods

With Point-of-Sale systems, you can accept a wider variety of payment methods. With new technology coming out every day and the increasing popularity of Apple Pay and other mobile options, it’s essential to keep up with the trends and stay relevant. You will also increase revenue by giving the customer greater satisfaction and convenience. With a broader customer base that can patronize your business, you will increase total sales and profits.

With a POS, you can accept debit and credit cards with (EMV) chips, contactless payment methods, and mobile payment methods, i.e., Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay. With the current climate in the American hospitality industry uncertain and flagging due to Coronavirus restrictions, the value of being able to accept contactless payment can mean the difference between staying open or closing like so many other unfortunate businesses in these difficult times.

point of sale advantages

3. Track Important Sales Data & Patterns

One of the best advantages of a POS, both short and long term, is tracking essential sales data and analyzing sales patterns. Predicting the sales trends and habits of your regular customers is invaluable information to have and can help maximize your business’s profit margin. Point of Sale Systems also have clear and user-friendly interfaces that keep track of every transaction, inventory movement, and the total cost of goods sold.

The newer POS systems use Cloud-Based storage so that you can keep more data than ever and access it from anywhere you have an internet connection. Reports and data are the lifeblood of business decisions, and the importance of accuracy and precision when it comes to bookkeeping cannot be understated.

4. Manage Your Employees & Improve Communication

One of the significant benefits of using POS for your business is effectively managing your employees and payroll information. Since every POS is also a time clock, it makes it simple and straightforward to access your employee’s hours and complete payroll each week. With personalized profiles on each system for every employee, it makes it easy to track inventory management and sales numbers.

Another excellent and time-saving advantage to installing a POS is improved communication and teamwork between your entire staff. If your business has an extensive menu, the simplicity and quickness that a POS lets your staff place an order, even with detailed instructions, is essential to keep your business flowing smoothly. With improved communication to the kitchen, you can keep your wait times down to a minimum and improve your customer service in the long run.

5. Save Money & Make Money

Ultimately, the best and most obvious benefit of installing a POS is to save money and make money! The detailed reports of every transaction, payroll, employee, inventory, and sale is information that you need to run your business and increase your bottom line.

Point of Sale systems lower the cost of doing business and cut down on inventory shrinkage while maximizing profits, making your business run efficiently and smoothly. You can also save a ton on accounting bills too since the POS will do most of the bookkeeping for you.

Choose Clientron POS Interfaces

When you purchase a Point-of-Sale System, you help your business grow and thrive. With Clientron POS, they have over 35 years of experience providing innovative solutions and precise Point of Sale Systems with user-friendly interfaces, clear and accurate data reporting, and allow for a larger variety of payment methods. They can help you lower the cost of running your business while raising sales and profit.

Invest in Your Hospitality Business Today by Installing a Point-of-Sale System

If you are currently in the hospitality business, being able to maximize every little bit of profit out of your company is what will let you stay afloat in the age of Covid-19 and social distancing. With a Point-of-Sale System, you can do just that. They help you save money, operate your business more efficiently, improve customer service, manage your employees, and increase your revenues.

Another great advantage is being able to accept a greater amount of payment methods, including Apple Pay and contactless payment, which is incredibly important due to the worldwide pandemic currently striking fear in every business owner’s heart. So, if you’re ready to move to the next level and start streamlining your business, install a POS today and reap the rewards tomorrow!


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