How Often Should Toothbrushes Be Replaced?


People who go for regular oral checkups at quality dental clinics like My Dental Home, Dr. Kelvin Brown & Associates know the importance of changing your toothbrush frequently. One of the key steps towards maintaining perfect oral health is replacing your toothbrush regularly.

For those who don’t know when to change their toothbrush, here are some signs and events that show that your toothbrush is due for a change:

Frayed Bristles

Frayed bristles are one of the indicators pointing to the fact that it is time to change your toothbrush. When bristles become frail due to overusing, they become less effective and thus unable to clean your teeth properly. As soon as you notice this sign, do not hesitate to change your toothbrush. In case you don’t know, bristles are the short stiff part of the toothbrush which performs the main function of cleaning the teeth.

After an Illness

Some people are able to do away with brushing when they are not feeling well. For some people, brushing is important to them, whether they are sick or not. If you’re one of the people who prefer to brush regardless of the situation, then it’s important for you to know that changing your toothbrush after being ill for a particular period is necessary. During this period, your toothbrush must have contacted lots of germs and bacterias so the only way to get rid of them is by throwing the toothbrush away.

Bad Smell

When you start to perceive an unpleasant odor coming from your toothbrush, it could be a sign that molds or bacterias are growing in them. These microorganisms are bad for your health and getting rid of them totally might cost you more than buying a new toothbrush. 

If you don’t change your brush due to the unpleasant smell, it is quite possible for the bacteria causing the smell to make their way into your gums. This will surely lead to oral problems such as bad breath. As we all know, bad breath isn’t something anyone should take lightly. Not only does it reduce one’s confidence, but it also makes speaking in public difficult. 

Prolonged Use Of Toothbrush 

A lot of people can’t remember when they bought their current toothbrush. If you fall into this category then you need to start making plans to get another one. If you can’t remember when you purchased your toothbrush, it’s a sign that it’s been a very long time since you got it. Toothbrushes become less effective when you use them for too long and don’t change them. You can purchase your toothbrush in bulk and keep it in a safe place. This way you won’t have to get to the store each time you need to replace your toothbrush. 

Storage In The Wrong Place

For your toothbrush to be able to retain its beauty and work effectively, it’s vital to keep it as far as possible from bacteria and other microorganisms. Where you keep your toothbrush determines if bacteria and germs will be able to reach them or not. 

For example, most people keep their brush on the toilet tank or close to the washing hand basin. It is easy for the brush to get contaminated at this location. So you need to make sure your brush is stored in a clean, cool, and dry location at all times.

Close Contact With Other Toothbrushes

Once your toothbrush comes in contact with other toothbrushes, there’s nothing better to do than to replace it with a brand new one. Whether the person whose toothbrush your toothbrush came in close contact with is your relations or not, you still need to change it. This is due to the fact that you don’t know the type of bacteria or germs that are contained in their toothbrush. Also, you should never allow anyone to use your toothbrush. Allowing that can endanger your oral health.

Stubborn Dirt 

When there’s a stain on your toothbrush and you’ve tried everything to get rid of it but it won’t come off, throwing the toothbrush away and getting a new one is a smart choice. Your toothbrush should be one of the cleanest items in your bathroom. 


Dentists and other oral health experts advise that your toothbrush should be changed after three months of using it. So, you should let nothing stop you from changing your toothbrush, even if you are not experiencing any of the signs above. Changing your toothbrush regularly is one of the ways in which one can reduce the risk of having oral health issues.

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