How Locksmith Open Car Door?

Locksmith Opening Car Door
Locksmith Opening Car Door

Auto locksmiths offer skilled support to consumers who have been trapped inside their vehicle or misplaced their car keys. Auto locksmiths use a range of devices to open a car without causing harm.Then there are some different ways for locksmiths to open car door. Let’s explore

How Locksmith open car door: secret revealed

If you have locked your keys in the car or the key has fallen off in the lock, auto locksmiths come with advanced equipment to help them get into your vehicle easily and without damaging the vehicle. Sure, your local locksmith can come with a slim jim, but they’ll also have a range of other devices that are not available for safety purposes to the regular user.

If your car has a keyless entry system (as most do these days), it is often possible for an auto locksmith to use a transponder programming tool to open your car without the need for physical locks. For those with keyless ignition, the same idea applies.


Many cars also have Keyless Entry Systems. And first, they need to be trained to use the keys to open them. A competent locksmith who is familiar with keyless entry systems knows how to reprogram the lock without damaging it and unlock the vehicle.

Immobilizer Re-flashing

Many cars are fitted with an immobilizer known as a theft deterrent. An immobilizer stops a car from being started while a thief is trying to steal it. However, the immobilizer is faulty and prevents the vehicle from starting even though the key is being used. Auto locksmiths are very successful in solving this particular issue and allowing the car to move in no time.

The Slim Jim Method

A slim jim is the best tool any locksmith would have to open a vehicle. Also, if it bears the same name, it’s not the tasty meat snack you can find at your grocery store. The method is a small, long metal stripe used by locksmiths to jimmy their way through a window into a vehicle. All without injury!

The locksmith reaches down into the door panel of the car and manually unlocks the locking mechanism, thus opening the bolt. There’s a reason why car robbers often use Slim Jims to open locked car doors: this is a simple and easy way to unlock a car door.

The Wedge Method

Slim Jims do not always operate to open a car door, so locksmiths often use the wedge form. This requires putting a wedge into the top window of your car, which looks very similar to a long and thin door stop but made of metal, glass, or plastic. The wedge would open the window slightly, creating a gap wide enough to trigger the unlock button on the vehicle.

Alternative wedges are inflatable, too. When a locksmith has the wedge between the glass and the weather stripping, they will pump it up to expand the distance and gain entrance into the locking system of the vehicle.

The Auto Jiggler Method

Not all locksmiths may use a jiggler to unlock a car door, as this takes a great deal of expertise. We are going to start by using a variety of demo keys to finding the key that matches your car. What they need to do is find a key similar to the original, but not an identical match.

Subsequently, the locksmith would use force to jiggle the pins against the ring. They can finish the locking mechanism with sufficient skill, and allow the key to turning, unlocking your car.

J and L Tools

Auto locksmiths use a J tool to open older cars which have a disabled lock and open buttons near the doors’ inner side. Passing the J device through the top of the windshield, they enter the inside of the vehicle. It is then activated by raising the Unlock button to open the car door. The L tool has a very similar style to the J tool.

Key Analyzer and Key Code Cutter

Modern and technological vehicles come with keyless entry feature. If a car is locked, the auto locksmiths will use a key analyzer or digital VATS passkey decoder to determine the car’s electrical resistance. They then use a mechanical key cutter to make the same key without having duplicate the original.

Should not struggle for hours and unintentionally damage your car trying to break in yourself if you need help getting into your locked vehicle. Let your local auto locksmith provide the support you need easily and knowledgeably to unlock your vehicle. They will also have the equipment to remove a broken key, without damaging the lock of your car.


To sum up, auto locksmiths have the expertise and the tools to open any vehicle without damaging it. So if you’re ever in an emergency situation with an inoperative lock or key, it’s recommended to call an auto locksmith to support you in a reliable, simple, and cost-effective manner.


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