How Technology is Shaping Up the iGaming Industry

technology gaming
technology gaming

The advancing technology has revolutionized many aspects of human lives in recent decades. Gaming as a whole has drastically changed in just a few short years, jumping from simple arcade games we used to play on various devices to the modern online games that resemble reality more than ever.

The online gambling industry, popularly known as iGaming, has also seen a revolution since its humble early days. The earliest iGaming sites were just a place for punters to place a few bets, but today they have turned into fully fledged entertainment centers that offer countless options to all types of people.

So, let’s have a look at some of the ways that iGaming has evolved and changed through the years thanks to the technological advancements.

The Early Days of iGaming

iGaming first started in the late 1990s and early 2000s, with the first betting sites and online casinos appearing on the internet. These sites were simple and only allowed players to make a few bets or play simple card games like blackjack.

A big part of the reason for that was the fact that the technology did not yet exist to create the more comprehensive and complex games that we see on the internet these days. As the tech became available, the first video slots started appearing in online casino lobbies, and the numbers of players started to skyrocket.

Live Casino and Live Betting

Slots and pre-match betting were fun for a few years, but the iGaming was once again revolutionized when the live versions of various games started becoming available. Live sports betting enabled players to bet while the games were already underway, and was a massive hit from the get go. According to, nearly half of all sports bets that happen online these days fall of live betting.

Live casino games were yet another amazing addition to the iGaming world, as they bridged the gap between live casinos and their online counterparts. Players could now play their favorite card games or roulette with live dealers, without having to leave their bedrooms. For many, this was the ultimate dream when it came to playing games of chance, as they no longer had to face long drives to the casino and the hustle and bustle of the casino floor. However, the technology enabled them to track the action in real time and ensure that there was no foul play happening.

The Mobile Revolution

As if playing all the favorite games of chance from their homes wasn’t enough, players quickly received yet another boost. The first mobile sports betting platforms and mobile casinos began to open their virtual doors. Along with these, mobile poker sites enabled players to compete in the virtual arena, no matter where they were at the time.

The mobile boom swept across not just the iGaming industry, but the world in general, as mobile phones became an extended arm for millions of people around the world. Today, mobile iGaming sites are becoming more frequent by the day, with a vast majority of new operators focusing almost exclusively on mobile players.

Cryptocurrencies Make Payments Fast and Easy

For many years, iGaming players had a bit of a hassle transferring money in and out of their gaming accounts. In some countries, banks would not process such payments, while payment processors could be costly and sometimes not secure enough.The invention of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies also gave birth to crypto iGaming sites. Here, players can use their crypto wallets to fund their gaming balances, making it faster and easier to move money around than ever before. Yet again, a new technology has made iGaming simpler and more effective than ever.


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