How Does the Motor Vehicle Accident Law in Canada Work?

Motor Vehicle Accident Law
Motor Vehicle Accident Law

Motor vehicle accidents are the most common types of accidents faced on the streets of Canada every year. If you or anyone you know has been injured by a car, motorcycle, truck, all-terrain vehicle, or public transportation, you would be better off knowing the associated motor vehicle accident laws in Canada. This will help you hire a personal injury lawyer from whom you can seek legal advice on the issue.

Types of Motor Vehicle Accidents

Injuries due to motor vehicles can happen in any of the following ways:

  1. Cars: This is the most commonly seen motor vehicle accident. In case the accident type you faced is a car accident, you should first get yourself a lawyer experienced in tackling such litigations. If you directly communicate with the insurer, your chances of a financial loss are higher.
  2. Trucks: Driver fatigue from driving for too long, negligent operation of the vehicle, poor vehicle maintenance, etc. are reasons why truck accidents are also seen in the busy hubs.
  3. Motorcycles: Helmets and gears sometimes fail to protect a rider from devastating head injuries and similar long-term injuries. Accidents due to bikes and vehicles are also a concern to take into consideration.
  4. ATVs: Unskilled drivers, lack of safety equipment, poor operating skills can lead to accidents caused and borne by ATVs.

Accidents from boats and public transportations also fall under motor vehicle accidents. No matter how serious the injuries and how complex the cases, some professionals can take you out of the terrible mess and evaluate your claims.

What To Do While At the Scene

Before going for more complex actions, there are things you need to do at the scene of the accidents, and doing these are also part of the legal action you can and must take.

Stay at the scene with all other drivers involved. If you flee the scene, you will be taken into a criminal prosecution. Make sure further accidents that can arise from yours are stopped. Raise the hood of your cars, turn on flashers and warn approaching cars, pedestrians, etc.

Avoid additional damage. It may sound impossible, but try to keep your calm. Now, collect information from the other drivers: names, address, driver license info, name of the insurance company, and anything that helps. Take photos of the scene with the streets, the intersections, the signals, etc.

Next, you need to inform the police for them to prepare a detailed report of the events. Speak the truth, give a truthful account of the events. But do not accept liability or responsibility until you talk to your lawyer. Amidst everything, if you need medical attention or any of the other drivers does, contact for medical help.

Types of Claim for Motor Vehicle Accident Law in Canada

The Tort system and no-fault insurance regulations of the law get more complicated with the intensity of the accident and the type of injury. The two significant types of claim on such cases involve:

  1. Accident Benefits Claim: Any party injured in the accident can claim the compensation, no matter who was at fault. But before this, a personal injury lawyer needs to back you up with his experience and informed decisions. This will maximize your benefits and lower your chances of a financial loss.
  2. Tort Claim: Tort claims or lawsuits involve the more comprehensive process where you can reclaim and seek compensation for your financial as well as mental/emotional losses. It compensates for your pain and suffering just as well as your economic damages.

Finally What You Need to Know

The law requires that the one who is responsible will pay for the repairs and injuries caused by accident. Sometimes, victims try to handle their cases of injury. They assume that the insurance companies involved in the case will help to settle a prompt and fair claim. But that doesn’t happen.

They will settle their benefits before they decide yours. So it is better if you contact a personal injury lawyer before the insurance company. Accident or injury lawyers work better to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve. So, instead of waiting for the company or negotiating alone, do your best to get a good lawyer.


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