How Digital Signatures Reduce Legal Risk In Your Organization


Industries worldwide are stepping towards the digital business to reduce the cost of their operations, comply with all rules and standards and boost their business productivity and revenue.

By making use of secure and safe digital signature tools, you can save a lot of waiting time and valuable money. Easily distribute copies of documents to concerned parties, save records, and make use of top-level security that e-signatures give. It will also become easy to comply with rules and regulations. 

What is digital Signature?

A digital signature resembles a traditional signature method, but there is some difference between the two. It is a modern alternative process of putting encrypted data on an electronic document. Every time a document is digitally signed, a unique mathematical code is attached to it, enforcing it legal. 

In many cases, this involves sending documents by mail or fax or requiring in-person visits to a location to perform. An e-sign is lawfully accepted and eliminates the traditional method of signing the documents. Customers can also easily consent by swiping their finger or typing a signature on their smartphones or tablets. However, depending on the features, they provide many benefits to different organizations.

There are different types of electronic signatures – Dependent and Independent electronic signatures. Both types are lawfully accepted, but the advanced technology following them is different.

Electronic signatures must adhere to certain basic principles to be considered legally valid. To be a legally valid electronic signature, they must:

  • Demonstrate that the signatories are who they claim to be
  • Signing intentions of signatories are captured.
  • The authenticity of the signatures can be verified independently.

How does it work?

In this digital world, where the electronic signature has become a need of the hour, individuals and businesses need to opt for electronic signatures. If you want to learn how digital signature software works, first, you must know that there are many electronic signature software available online, and all have different processing methods. 

  • Create: Digital signatures are based on a secret file; protect the document with your challenge-response questions, third party identification services, or SMS password. 
  • Access: An email invitation or a link is send to a customer to access the document in the electronic signatures solution.
  • Encryption: When a client signs a document electronically, the sign is made with a private key of the signer. The signer keeps this key secure and safe at all times. 
  • Timestamp: The signature is also marked with the time the document was signed. If the document changes after signing, the digital signatures are invalidated. As soon as a signature is made on the document, the time is marked and if any changes are made to the document after signing, the document become invalid. 
  • Sign: Now click to “sign” or click to “initialize” (depending on your software) and handwritten signature capture.
  • Distribution: You can distribute your signed documents electronically or on paper

What are the Benefits of Digital Signature?

Digital signatures console law firms and the clients related to it that the correct people securely sign private documents. There are various digital signature solutions available online that offer advanced tracking capabilities (GPS) to track when and where documents are viewed and who signed them. esign Genie is one of the leading electronic signature software providers and offers various security measures:

  • Identity verification for each signatory
  • Real-time secure data replication and encrypted archiving
  • Digital audit trail, 
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Anti-forgery checks

Digital signature software provides unambiguous confirmation of the sender’s identity and the authenticity and integrity of electronic documents. Unique to the sender and unique to the message sent, digital signatures are verifiable and non-repudiable. 

  • Protects the confidentiality of the document
  • Support legal formats and standards

E-signing softwares reduce risks as they alert everytime regarding suspicious documents and records or about issues with compliance to contracts. With the electronic signature, the signing document is secure, traceable, safe, and verifiable. 

However, it has flexible options that ensure an optimal signing experience across all channels and, ultimately, better adoption by employees, representatives, and customers. Plus, it is important to move forward with the advancement of modern technology. So, to reap the benefits of electronic signature, use it now!

How to choose an eSignature solution?

Businesses interested in implementing electronic signatures into their workflows will find many options and tools in the market. For help choosing an electronic signature solution, see this guide.

Here are the main steps to take when you start choosing an electronic signature solution:

  • Assess the business needs
  • Consider your use cases.
  • Ensure a smooth implementation
  • Price

These questions and many more can help guide the process. It is especially important to consider the sender’s signing experience and the recipient in a multiple sign scenario. You can also take trial from Free Electronic signature software available online for better idea.

However, with the right electronic signature software, all you have to do is create a pattern, drag, and drop option. The method is easy to complete, and the response is instantaneous that gives customers a superior experience and more productivity to your business.

Closing words

Signatures have come a long way since the days when only paper and ink could afford them. Businesses across a wide range of industries are adopting electronic signature solutions at an unprecedented rate. As more businesses embrace electronic signatures as part of their digital transformation, they should be selective in their choice. As a result, legacy electronic signature solutions, while certainly a step up from traditional paperwork, are starting to be overtaken by fluid mobile electronic signatures.

In conclusion, the mobile-optimized electronic signature solutions are specially designed to collect forms, documents, and consent from customers from their preferred channel, smartphones (Windows, iOS, and Android mobiles), tablets, and desktops. However, the digital world is transforming according to customers’ and businesses’ needs every day. And now that you know how to make an electronic signature, you can experience why real estate is in love with this technology.


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