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Garden & Health
Garden & Health

When you think of a garden, your mind instantly remembers beautiful flowers swaying merrily in a cool morning breeze. The mere sight of a garden can help you relax immediately. No matter how stressed out you are, a lovely garden will always cheer you up. Nature has ways of relaxing us and treating us to a deeply-enriching experience. Nature retreats are popular because people want to get away from the dull and hectic lives of cities and breathe in the fresh air in a natural environment.

Want to go on a nature retreat? Well, you definitely can and that too without leaving your house! Amazed? We are talking about your gardens. They aren’t much different from a natural retreat zone. Every house deserves a beautifully kept garden. Even if you can’t travel out to parks or go on trekking trips, a few minutes spent in your garden can do the trick. The secret behind long-term happiness is staying closer to nature. You can indulge your senses therapeutically by strolling on a fresh lawn or sitting beside your flowerbed. 

There are so many healthcare studio benefits of gardening. Even if you spend a few minutes sitting in your garden, your mental and physical health will reap in the benefits of nature. Even scientific research has revealed that staying close to nature has a positive impact on our health. You don’t have to be a physician to understand that time spent outdoors can make you healthier. A lush green garden is all you need for a healthier body and a calmer mind. So pick up your shovel, and let’s go gardening! On other hand, you can send flowers to Delhi while sitting at home.

Here are some of the reasons why gardening improves your health.

1. Gardening involves physical work.

This is the hard work part of the gardening process, but you have to go through this to enjoy a garden that seems and feels heavenly. You might be resenting the prepping works that go into the gardening process, but the health benefits associated with gardening will surprise you. As gardening requires you to stay physically active, you will be able to burn calories by digging, tilling, sowing, and watering. Ditch automatic sprinklers and get a watering can for yourself. 

When you invest physically in a garden, the rewards become more satisfying. It has been estimated that spending 60 minutes in doing gardening work can burn nearly 340 calories! That’s a huge number considering that walking for an hour at a slow pace burns only 280 calories. Interesting, isn’t it? Gardening has been proved to improve the overall health of women by making their bodies stronger and more immune to diseases. 

2.  It lowers the level of stress hormone in your body.

This is a proven fact. When you stay close to nature, your stress levels decrease rapidly. This is because nature has a calming effect on our minds. The stress hormone, cortisol dips significantly when we are surrounded by greenery. Maybe this is nature’s way of bonding with its fellow creatures. So, when you spend a few minutes in nature’s lap, you get instantly transported to a state of euphoria. Your mind becomes calm, and you forget all about what was worrying you before. It can even lower your blood pressure, so if you have the problems of blood pressure, try spending more time in your garden.

3.  The goodness of sunshine.

Staying indoors for long hours can have a detrimental effect on our health. Doctors recommend spending at least 45 minutes out in the sun to make your bones stronger. The natural photons present in sunlight can promote the formation of vitamin D in your body. This vitamin D is responsible for making your bones stronger by absorbing calcium ions from your food. A few minutes of exposure to sunlight can set your biological clock in the right way and make it function smoothly. 

4.  A vegetable garden for organic farming.

If you have never tried organic farming before, you should start soon. Organic farming has a lot of health benefits as it doesn’t use any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Simply eating vegetables isn’t enough. You need to eat the right kind of vegetable. Store-bought vegetables have lots of harmful chemicals on their surfaces. If you grow your own veggies, you will be able to eat healthily. Moreover, there’s no greater joy than seeing your hard work fruit into delicious vegetables that you can make a scrumptious meal out of. 

5.  You can bond with your family over gardening.

Gardening can easily become a family thing. You can spend quality time with your family in your garden, growing flowers, vegetables, or fruits. It will help you get closer to your family and also understand them better. Research has shown that families that indulge in outdoor group activities stay happier and healthier. 

There are so many health benefits of gardening that you can enjoy and with small and useful tips on gardening you can create yourself a really good place to enjoy nature. A simple garden can take you back to Mother Nature and help you heal in newer ways. So, go on, go to your backyards and start gardening now!


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