3 Types of Holsters for Different Uses

best gun holster
best gun holster

Gun holsters are the devices that you must bring with you when you have a gun. It’s a must-have accessory for anyone who used to carry a handgun. There are various types of holsters made up of various materials. It is used to safeguards the pistol from damage, keeps the gun tightly so that it would not fall, and helps to get the gun in and out rapidly and comfortably.

The holster must be carried outside the hips, or within the trousers, behind the hips, knees, arms, thighs, and other places where the gun can easily carry. Today in this article, I’ll explain the different types of gun holsters.

Here are the three types of gun holsters that every gun owner should buy to hold their gun securely.

Duty Holster.

Law enforcement officers, such as uniformed police officers, use such kind of holster, it can be carried freely without concealing a firearm from the public, and therefore safety will not be a problem. Since you don’t have to hide your weapons, these kinds of holsters are good in looks. The duty holster is made to be worn on a duty belt and can be made out of any material, such as plastic.

Tactical Holster.

Tactical holsters are made up of nylon or plastic and come in a variety of camouflage designs to fit with the soldiers’ uniforms. Many tactical holsters have been designed with drop leg facilities, they can be easily mounted to the thigh and worn around, and almost all have a keeping system so that they don’t get caught in the middle of a battle. It has the safest design for a firearm but it takes a much longer time to open.

Hide-it Holster.

This kind of concealed carry holsters are often designed for small handguns that are durable, portable, unfussy, and can be easily carried. You can conceal this type of holster under your coat or jacket, and can also wrap around the ankle and pants.

Since this concealed holster is often worn close to the body of the user, it is equipped with a wider area in contact with the body to distribute pressure and prevent people from skin irritation.

To choose the right gun holster it is important to make sure that the gun holster that we are going to buy is safe to use.

These types of holsters doesn’t have any lock as a result the gun can be easily inserted and removed by anyone, therefore, while it is considered as a benefit as it allows people to insert or remove the gun from the holster comfortably, however, a holster without a locking system, can also cause damage to the gun, there is also a possibility that your gun might get steeled by someone. However, still, some holsters offer high safety levels.

That is why it is important to make sure whether the holster is secure enough to hold a gun or not only after that choose the holster. Also choose the right balance between quick use of guns and safety, as it is an important factor in combat life and death.


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