A Guide on Buying Frames For Movie Posters


Movie posters are one of those collectibles that never grow old. You could be looking to frame a poster of a movie that defined your childhood. If you’re a passionate collector and landed on a rare poster, it is important that you’re getting the right frame for the complete look. In this guide, we’re going to highlight some of the factors you need to put into consideration when searching for frames for your movie poster.

Examine the Poster

Before you can decide on the size or type of frame to buy, you’ll first need to examine the movie poster. This is especially true if you’re dealing with a vintage print. There are some posters that were printed in the 80s that have a National Screen Service. This shows the order of the year and the number the movie was released. You know you have a collectible when the poster has the NSS.

Choosing the Framing Material

There are a variety of poster frames in the market and it can be overwhelming to make a decision when going through the process for the first time. Just as with other forms of prints, the material you choose will help in preventing any future damages to your movie poster.

  • Background Board: You can use a regular foam board for decorative purposes for your movie poster. If you have a vintage poster, you might want to go for a foam board that is acid-free. It is used by a lot of collectors because of the rigidity that it provides and is water repellent as well.

    Just as with valuable artwork, you’ll not want to dry mount the movie poster. The exception is when it is a replaceable poster and you have no qualms with damages.
  • Mat Board:  Even though it is not that popular with framing movie posters, you can still use it as it ensures that there is a demarcation between the frame and the poster. If you’re framing large posters, it is recommended to get frame spacers so that the poster is not touching the frame.


This is one of the biggest concerns that you’re likely to face when trying to frame movie posters. Since movie posters are large in size, there will be the challenge of handling glass given the weight. The frame shouldn’t be frequently moved after it has been mounted. Depending on the type of movie poster size, there will be several size options for the frame. Ideally, you’d want a perfect fit so as to bring out the aesthetics of the movie poster. The standard size for a movie poster is 27 in x40. This is not a size that you’ll get with the majority of frame manufacturers. It should also be noted that there could be variations with the movie posters. Some could be bigger or smaller with half an inch.

Protection From UV Radiation

Exposure to UV rays could interfere with the colors of the movie poster, especially if it is collectible. You’re not likely to notice the effects on a day-to-day basis but it will be obvious after a couple of years. You can go for a glazing filter that blocks the UV rays.

Weight and Thickness

It is a no-brainer that a wooden frame will be heavier compared to let’s say aluminum or synthetic. The glazing will play a contributing factor to the weight of the frame. They come in different thicknesses and you’ll want to be careful before making a decision on the type to go for. Another big consideration that is worth looking at is the potential dangers of damage to the glazing.


Molding can enhance the aesthetic appeal of the movie frame. For custom frames, there is the option of selecting from thousands of mounts. With such a variety, you should go for something simple if the movie is to stand out in the living room or wherever it is placed.

To Conclude

Since the movie poster is an important artifact, you’ll want to make sure that you’re doing everything possible to provide protection. Getting it framed will be the first step in the process. As a collector, you can’t be proud of the prized items when they don’t look good. You can do research on the different types and sizes of frames for movie posters and what other people are doing to get inspiration. The frame should not only be the right fit but should also provide protection. 


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