Is there life for Huwaei after Google ban?
Is there life for Huwaei after Google ban?

Huawaei’s working relationship with Google and Android takes a disturbing turn when Google revokes Huawaei’s android license in response to demands put forth by Trump’s administration. Are the reasons of this ban rational?

Post US administration’s announcement of ban over trade with China, Hawaii’s working relationship with Google and Android takes a disturbing turn when Google revokes Hawaii’s android license in response to demands put forth by Trump’s administration.


The Google’s ban on Huawei is the result of increasing political stress between the two countries. Reportedly, last week, President Trump hastily announced a national emergency and imposed a ban on US based companies from maintaining, initiating and/or supporting trade with Chinese company Huawei. Apparently, this announcement links to Trump administration’s speculation, that Huawei smartphones and telecom devices are being used for surveillance. Trump reportedly, impeded all government agencies of the country from using Huawei devices. Trump even came on so far as to advise neighbouring countries and political associates to do the same. Reportedly, this speculation births from founder of Huawei, Ren Zhengfei’s foregoing links with the Chinese army.


Huawei has climbed the ladder to become world’s No. 1 telecom supplier and No. 2 Smartphone producer. This telecom giant’s era is fanning into all directions. However, in consequence of US administration’s increasing conjectures the company has walked into major trouble this year. Though the company calmly proclaims to have reasonable pool of hardware, yet the executive order passed and Google’s ban on Huawei will gravely affect Hawaii’s governance over the market. With Google denying access to proprietary apps and services, Huawei, from now on, will not be able to provide Google Play Services on its smartphones. This, as a consequence, will prevent Huawei and its sub-brand Honor to pertain under Compatibility Test Suite (CTS). Hence, Huawei has lost its android branding.


The Android Huawei news and Google Huawei news has flooded existing Huawei Smartphone users with a great confusion. To this, Google announces to review the implications of the ban. Android recently tweeted that while they are complying with the White house requirements, services of Google and Android will not lose its functionality on existing devices. While this means that users can still enjoy services like Google Play & security from Google Play Protect, yet the Google’s ban on Huawei will prevent the brand and the sub-brand from sending out new updates to the on-going smartphones. The defiance of which, will lead to permanent withdrawal of Google services from existing Huawei smartphones.

As long as the rationale of the ban stands, Huawei seems to have a dooming future. The only permanent solution that Huawei seems to have in its corner is to build and bring into operation its own operating system. Though the shift might seem to be a drastic one, yet, if it successfully resembles android and comes in a package with Google apps, it stands a chance. Temporarily, Huawei can form its own Android version with the help of Android Open Source Project code. The ongoing chaos has confined Huawei to China only, where the law already bans the Google services.


Another update in Android Huawei news tells that other companies like Qualcomm, Broadcom, Xilinx, and Intel have limited their software exchange with Huawei, in accordance with the executive order. Following the Google’s ban on Huawei, many carriers like EE, Vodafone, SoftBank, Chunghwa telecom etc. have dropped Hawaii’s devices. Another update says that SD association has delisted Huawei. This makes the course of events gravely against the company.

The recent updates in Google Huawei news shows that Google has proceeded to further the blacklisting by removing Huawei Mate X and P30 from Android’s official website. features latest devices. Hawaii’s Mate X was highlighted under “Latest & Greatest” phone on the website’s homepage.


In my opinion, Google’s ban on Huawei has certainly put the brand in water. Whether it will drown or it will come up, is difficult to predict. Depending on the course of action that follows, either, Huawei will give a huge blow off by coming up with its rival for Android, or, another Smartphone giant will be crushed.


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