“Happy 15th Birthday” Celebrates Pichai with New Update for Google Maps. Here’s How to Access.

Google Maps celebrates its 15th anniversary with redesigns its Icon and launches new feature.
Google Maps celebrates its 15th anniversary with redesigns its Icon and launches new feature.

In celebration to 15th Anniversary of Google Maps, the search engine giant updated the service with a new logo, icon and several new features. Out of all the GPS tracking apps, Google Maps is the commonly used app and reliable app. More than 60% of the world’s population in current time use Google Maps for their turn to turn direction. In addition to new icon, the search engine has also rolled out couple of fresh features for the App. Here how to access it.

Here’s how Google Icon has evolved over years

Google released a whole transition video. Check this out

The previous icon which had solid red pins that pointed out locations and destinations for users has now been replaced and made up of four colors used in other Google logos. From today, we can now see an updated Google Maps on all devices. The Commute App gives you everything with 5 easy-to-access tabs: Explore, Commute, Saved, Contribute and Updates.

Sundar Pichai tweeted informing and lauding how the app has made his commute easier. The Google blog post which described the new look, removal of the hamburger menu and addition of two more tabs.

Google Maps Update, The New Features. Here’s How to Access

Explore: Here you’ll discover new places according and depending your own suggestions. It’s likewise where you can find for caf├ęs, city attractions, and eateries – alongside their audits.

Commute: Ok! So, if you on own your own and walking, driving and do not know the route to go to office and come back home. This tab causes you rapidly locate the most ideal approach.

Saved: This is the place you’ll locate your spared spots, reservations and plans for forthcoming outings.

Contribute: Here’s the place you can leave surveys of spots, share insights concerning addresses, and include missing business hours.

Updates: This is a feed of slanting spots close to you. It will assist you with finding places close by and connect with organizations to get your inquiries replied.

How do I update Google Maps?

Features that getting refreshed also includes Travel Feature Update. Travel riders will also get to know in advance about the temperature ahead of time so they can know whether they should dress up cool or wrap up. Here’s how you can update google maps.


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