Google Announced New Features For Google Duo.

Google Duo New Features.
Google Duo New Features.

Google Duo has few new features available for users. The video calling application will get the highlights coming in few weeks, Google reported. According to the organization, the updates are coming as an increasing number of users on call are utilizing the video calling app in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

Google in a blog entry featured that Duo is including a new snapshot feature, called Duo Moments, that will allow users to take screen captures during a video call. The video calling application will likewise expand the quantity of members permitted during a gathering video call. Right now, a limit of 12 individuals can utilize the group video call feature.

Google Duo Apk working to improve the video call quality in low bandwidth zones.

In a recent blog post, google announced that the organization is working on new video codec technology for better video quality specially in low bandwidth areas. The video conferencing app already uses AI to avoid voice call interruptions.

Option to click and view picture while on call.

Duo additionally will be including a snapshot feature, Duo Moments, that will allow users to catch screen captures while being on a video call with another user. Google in the post said that the feature is already out, but, Duo in India for users are yet to get this update.

Google in a different meet revealed how to move ahead for google duo download and how to use Duo Moments. To use Duo Moments, Android users need to go to Settings > Call settings > turn on Google Moments. iPhone and iPad users can turn on the feature by going to Settings > turn on Google Moments. The update however is yet be out for group video calls.

Increase number of participants in group video calls

Talking about group video calls, Google likewise revealed that Duo will very soon long let more members to join group video call. Google, however ,has not referenced whether this will be pertinent to sound gathering calls. Right now, Google allows 12 people during a group video and sound call.

Save video & voice messages

In the last, Google also revealed that Duo user will now have the option to save video and voice messages that prior disappeared inside a day subsequent to sending.


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