What is “Word Pigeon” And It’s Uses


Every person wants to make their website more popular by optimizing it in a very effective way so that website gains more traffic on it and popularity as well. So we cannot invest more time in editing content at both google docs and WordPress. As we know that it takes much effort in transferring files from google docs to WordPress.

Here in this blog, you will get all information regarding the word pigeon which is best google docs to WordPress plugin. Its needs and benefits, and how to use this tool to make your task easier and comfortable.

Word Pigeon

As technology is continuously improving, it goes for a better solution to complete our tasks most easily and more effectively. If you are looking for software that can easily take your content from google docs and put it over WordPress with zero image and link loss.

For the growing business one cannot afford to use much time in formatting the page again and put all images another time by arranging line spaces as well.

This is the best tool to publish your content on WordPress with just exporting the whole page together with images, links, and tables embedded in it beautifully as before.

Benefits of Word Pigeon

Built-in conversion from Microsoft Docx format to google Docx format. It has a different feature from the other plugins; it has a conversion function included in it to change the formats of your file as it is more time-consuming to search for any tool to convert different formats.

  • Help in selecting publish date for your exports

It can manage to help you in choosing to publish dates as well for all your exports to make your task comfortable.

  • The live support option is thereby chatting message

Word pigeon also includes a live chat option through the message appearing on its homepage asking you to help you out when you got stuck somewhere in between.

  • GIFs option is there

There is one beautiful feature in this plugin to add some desired GIFs which makes your page look more beautifully explained and so maintains the bouncing rate as well.

  • Embedded charts and tables

This plugin has options in it to insert required tables and charts to explain your data more effectively which makes the page look more clear to understand.

  • Customized URL slugs

Word pigeon has the power to customize slugs at that platform to make the user’s experience more comfortable in editing in this plugin.

  • Beaver Builder and Gutenberg are helpers

This plugin allows users to edit your existing pages and provides you with these builders with you to help you out in editing.

  • Integrate Shopify to dashboard

If the visitor is much impressed and wants to buy your product at the same website at that time then it has a Shopify option available at the dashboard only.

  • Quickly access docs by filtering folders

It searches or filters your folders which are going to be exported by word pigeon so you do not require investing more time in hunting for them.

  • Option to tag and categorize

Word pigeon is unique because it has many features to tag as well as categorize your content to make everything sorted.

How To Use Word Pigeon

Here are some steps below to use this plugin effectively and publish your content over WordPress more easily.

  1. Composing file

The first step is to compose your file in google docs and put your stress of the images and other data loss away. Add all your required data includes tables and charts in it as well as images arranged in the file. You can add different fonts as well as different headings for your data.

  1. Time to export

Now the second step is to export your file to let the word pigeon do its duty next. Export allows you to not search for your post, just your post is visible right there on your screen. So just click on export, and then it’s time to word for word pigeon to put your same post on WordPress with all details embedded in it.

  1. Here we go

This is the final step in the process which shows your file or post already there on the WordPress screen so give it a final touch to glam it. Hence, your time invested before in editing tables and figures again is now consumed in giving it a final appearance.


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