Glass in interiors: peculiarities and safety of constructions

glass interior
glass interior

Due to its aesthetic, technical and energetic properties, glass has an almost unlimited range of uses – from exterior glazing to interior decor and industrial applications. Architects and designers are sure to find the right material to give form to their creative inspiration among the variety of products available. There is a wide range of building glass available at, making it possible to realize any idea.

What is tempered safety glass

The thermal treatment of glass is called tempering, which consists of creating tension within the material as a result of rapid cooling after the glassmaking process. This treatment greatly increases the material’s thermal resistance and strength. Raw, unhardened glass is very fragile, it is vulnerable to chipping and needs to be handled gently. Tempered variant is used in the production of interior doors, showcases and furniture. If you compare ordinary glass and tempered glass, the second version is stronger, it is harder to bend and it has a higher resistance to temperature changes.

Material thickness

During the tempering process, it is subjected to a temperature difference, which makes the original material stronger. In the case of mechanical impacts, the hardened version turns into fine crumbs, which almost reduces to zero the possibility of damage. Its thickness varies from 4, 5, 6, 8 and up to 19 mm. Tempered glass is a reliable, durable and safe material that is in high demand.

Types of tempered glass

There are different types such as:

  • transparent;
  • laminated;
  • reflective;
  • tinted;
  • frosted.

The advantages include:

  • has a higher level of durability;
  • due to the low weight the load on the building is reduced;
  • it is possible to create many variations, which will provide the interior with an elegant look;
  • high light transmission;
  • energy efficiency.

Areas of application:

Due to its unique distinctive characteristics and a rather high level of safety when compared to ordinary glass, the tempered version is highly popular in a wide variety of areas, namely in glazing of:

  • facades and roofs;
  • showcases;
  • partitions;
  • skylights;
  • shower units;
  • furniture;
  • elevators, escalators;
  • stairs;
  • transport.

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