Give an iPhone 11 as a gift

iphone as a gift
iphone as a gift

There’s nothing quite like giving someone an iPhone as a gift. After all, the iPhone is the hottest smartphone line on the market. This has been the case dating all the way back to 2007. Apple is at the forefront of the mobile business and while there are certainly some worthy contenders, there is something special about receiving an iPhone. 

The iPhone 12 is all the rage these days but the iPhone 11 is still a worthy gift. There isn’t just one model either. There’s the standard edition, the Pro edition, and the Pro Max edition. This may sound confusing but don’t fret. Here’s what you need to know about purchasing an iPhone 11 as a gift.

Differences Between Standard, Pro, & Pro Max

Each of these iPhones has different display sizes. The standard version has a 6.1-inch LCD Liquid Retina. The Pro has a smaller 5.8-inch display but has more pixel density and features the improved OLED Super Retina display. The Pro Max has the largest screen display at 6.5 inches and also features the OLED Super Retina. The Pro and Pro Max also feature the triple camera that the standard version lacks. This adds 12-megapixel telephoto to the mix.

Here are some other differences to take into account. The Pro and Pro Max models are designed with textured glass. The standard model is made of aluminum. The Pro and Pro Max versions are also more water-resistant, lasting 30 minutes under four meters of water. The Pro and Pro Max editions also go up to 512 GB of storage. 

The standard version is capped at 256 GB. The Pro has the smallest dimensions of the bunch, which may be the preferred gift if the person likes their phones to be smaller. If they like their phones to be bigger, then the Pro Max is the way to go.

What To Consider If Buying Used

You may be tempted to buy the iPhone second-hand as buying new can get pricey. There are many great options for buying used and refurbished but you should take some things into account. It’s never a bad thing to ask for proof of purchase. Some sellers will show off the receipt in the product listing but in other cases, you may have to ask. You’ll also want to check the IMEI number to see if the device matches the receipt when you get it. You can ask the seller to give you the number and if that seller isn’t aware of how to do so, tell them to go to settings, tap on general, then tap on about.

You can also look up the device’s serial number. The same method to find the IMEI number applies to finding the serial number. You can also ask the seller if any repairs were done to the device prior. Sometimes, people who aren’t qualified have done repairs to the device and you don’t want to find yourself in that situation. Be careful where you buy your iPhone because it could be blacklisted, which means the phone was lost or stolen. Blacklisted phones can’t connect to a network.

iPhone Used or New

If you decide to make a purchase for a second-hand device, you’ll have to decide if you want a used or refurbished model. The difference between used and refurbished products is that used items are sold as-is and you are left to trust a product description, images, and reviews of the seller. With a refurbished product, testing has been done on the device to meet quality standards before it is available for purchase.

Where To Buy Used iPhone

Knowing exactly where to buy devices used and refurbished is important. You want to make sure that the place you’re making your purchase from is trustworthy. Be sure to only order from websites that have an established reputation. The general rule is, if a deal is too good to be true that’s because it is. Don’t be mistaken, however, there are some legitimate great deals on websites that you can put your trust in. What are some of these online shops? Let’s take a look at some of the businesses that are worth your time.

  • Amazon

This online retail stalwart is known for delivering items both new and used quickly. Amazon also sells renewed iPhones. Some of these phones will be delivered to your home the day after you make a purchase if you are subscribed to Amazon Prime. The website currently has the standard, Pro, and Pro Max versions available for purchase. 

You should be looking for the renewed option in the title of the product when searching on Amazon. The website will also inform you if the phone is unlocked or tied down to a carrier. If you are purchasing from other sellers outside of the main buying choice, be sure to look at their reviews.

  • eBay

Here’s an option from another wildly popular online store. eBay has a slew of choices if you wish to purchase an iPhone. Prices vary depending on the condition of the phone as well as whether or not it’s unlocked. There’s also storage space to take into consideration. 

When purchasing anything on eBay, the most important factor is checking a seller’s feedback. You need to ensure that the seller has a higher positive feedback percentage and an extensive history of making sales on eBay.

Gift giving is meant to be a joyous occasion. Throw in an iPhone and things can get even sweeter. With that said, there are many things to consider as mentioned. Don’t expect every seller on the Internet to live up to their word. Scams are out in full force and you need to protect yourself. 

Luckily, if you follow this guide thoroughly, you will be able to avoid headaches down the line. Buying used electronics these days requires a bit of knowledge on what measures have been in place to avoid the sales of stolen or lost products.

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