How Can I Get a Car Key Made Without The Original One?

Car Key Made Without The Original
Car Key Made Without The Original

A car key is one of the most fundamental instruments of a car. Without a car key, you are not allowed to enter into the car and drive it away. It is a very troublesome and nagging situation one might face if the car key is stolen or damaged.

The day of facing a problem with the car key is over now. Problems on how can I get a car key made without the original one can easily be solved nowadays.

Guidelines on How Can I Get a Car Key Made Without The Original One

You may face this annoying problem while hurrying for your office or any important work and get worried about it. Then you will start thinking about the dreadful question of how can you get a car key made without the original one. Fortunately, in present days, it is quite easy to attain a new car key without a new original one.

Once your original car key gets damaged or stolen, you can spontaneously get your new car key made by following some guidelines only. Some guidelines which are requisite for having a new car key without the original key are as follows:

  • Key Type

To get your new car key made without the original, the prime thing you have to do is to know all details about your car and the keys.

This is the most necessary thing because if you contact any locksmith to make a new key or the dealer of the car, you need to make them ensure about all your car key details such as what type of key it uses- whether it is traditional key, transponder key or the fob car key.

This information will quicken the process of your getting a new car key without having the original one because the different car uses different types of keys. For the accurate one for yours, you need to specify them the compulsory information.

  • VIN Number

VIN refers to the Vehicle Identification Number. Almost every car carries a unique VIN code, and this VIN code can help you out to have your perfect car key. So, you need to find the VIN of your car out.

It is most probably available on the driver panel, or you will notice it while looking outside through the window. Moreover, you can check out the documents of the car for the accurate number.

  • Dealer

Calling the dealer of the car for the new car key can be one of the ways. You can contact the dealer of your car and want a new car key from them. In this case, you must provide the necessary car details, for example, car model, buying date etc. for specification of your key.

Although the dealer provides a new key without the original one, the process is too much time consuming, costly as well as troublesome. If it is your new car and there is a warranty about the car key, then you may find it restored on your first contact with the dealer without any cost perhaps.

  • Local Locksmith

A locksmith is more reliable than a dealer in this issue. Contacting a local locksmith to remake a new car key is a more safe, quick, easy and less costly process. The locksmith, at first hand, will check the car out very carefully and make a new key for it.

He may also have one stocked and previously made that can get matched with your car. Then he will modify the key a little bit according to the need of your car and then provide it to you. If you want, the locksmith can even come to your house to check your vehicle now and then.

  • Online Order

You can order a replacement key from the verified online sites for your car. You may have to fill up a form given by them in order to provide essential details about your car. Online replacement keys could take two or more days to be reached to you.


Every problem contains a solution. Likewise, a new car key can be made without the original one if it is stolen or damaged. If you are worried about the issue on how can you get a car key made without the original one, then the guidelines provided above are for you. Using those ways, you can be able to quickly get your car key made even without the original one.


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