GBE Review – Is Girls Building Empires a Scam?


    According to the Influencer Marketing Benchmark Report, the Influencer Marketing marketing industry will grow to almost 14 billion in 2021. It has already doubled in less than three years. And it will continue to grow. 

    Influencer marketing is where a celebrity endorses a product or service. 

    Do you want to be that celebrity? Isn’t it cool to wear and get clicked in some branded clothing or jewelry and get paid a handsome amount?

    Girls Building Empires can teach you how to do that. 

    What is GBE?

    Girls Building Empires (GBE) teaches you how to create a successful Instagram business from home. This course will teach girls all the skills they need and help them create Instagram profiles, increase engagement with their followers, build up an audience of loyal customers by converting those following into paying ones! They claim that 1 million women have been helped already- let’s see if this program can deliver on its promises or not?

    Let’s see what the training program entails.

    GBE – Week 1:

    You need a niche and the right audience to make your posts successful. This first part will teach you how to do that. You have to choose and stick with a topic. So, think of anything from makeup reviews, travel, DIY projects at home, or easy recipes. 

    GBE – Week 2:

    Next, you’ll learn how to set goals and create a content-based strategy. Social media success very rarely happens by chance. You need to make sure that all posts are relevant to who they’re aimed at.

    GBE – Week 3:

    The third week talks about identifying the target audience. Sponsors or businesses will be happy to collaborate if they can see that your target audience consists of their potential customers.

    GBE – Week 4:

    In the fourth week of this course, you’ll learn how to set up a profile. It’s a seemingly simple task, but small things can make a huge difference. 

    GBE – Week 5:

    Before other brands start to notice your brand, it is essential to create one. Without a personality, it’s challenging to get an audience. Your profile should be visually appealing but also convincing.

    GBE – Week 6:

    This is the most crucial part. You’ll learn how you can create engaging content for both the existing followers and the new ones.

    GBE – Week 7:

    The seventh chapter explains everything you need to know about optimizing the profile. You will learn how to create the proper captions. Images and videos are essential, but captions can play an equally important role. You must know how to use hashtags and captions to get maximum engagement.

    GBE – Week 8:

    The next part focuses on consistency. It is important to be consistent, both in terms of quality and quantity. Social media algorithms will give more organic reach to profiles that consistently create engaging content. 

    GBE – Week 9:

    Next, you will learn how to create viral posts. You see and read about so many posts or people going viral. There’s always a method behind the madness. Hardly any of these posts happen by chance. The 9th chapter shows how to get some of your posts to go viral.

    GBE – Week 10:

    IG stories can be an important tool. You will learn how to use these stories to build trust and authority while using the question feature.

    GBE – Week 11:

    This part will show you how GBE’s Instagram profile has managed to amass more than 2 million followers quickly. 

    GBE – Week 12:

    This is the final part, and it talks about how to monetize your Instagram following. 

    How to make money with Instagram? 

    If you are wondering how you can make money with Instagram, then here are 4 simple techniques that will help you do so!

    1. Affiliate Marketing:

    This is, by far, one of the most lucrative ways to make money with Instagram. Many brands offer a high commission if you post a picture of their product and mention it as a recommendation. In this method, the affiliate simply takes a picture of the product or any other thing from the brand and posts it on his account with the recommendation text. The person who makes an order is tagged as your referral, which entitles you to some percentage of the sale. There are many trustworthy brands out there who are happy to pay your commission for posting their products on Instagram. Instagram has an affiliate program that allows you to find products to promote quickly.

    1. Selling yourself:

    You can post pictures that feature you or highlight your skills and then sell them as stock images on microstock sites like Bigstock & iStock or on multiple stock image websites. This will give you a chance to share pictures with your friends and followers and earn some money from them. 

    1. Teaching on Instagram:

    You can teach people on Instagram about things like cooking, knitting, coding, and more! There are tools that you can use to teach people your skills and share helpful tutorials with them. This is an intelligent way of making money through Instagram, as it does not require much investment from your end.

    1. Paid Advertising:

    Many brands are willing to pay you good money to feature their product on your account. All you need to do is sign up with a website that pays influencers well like FameBit or Adly and apply for approval of your Instagram account by the brands there. Brands will inform you about the campaign’s details, including how much they are willing to pay for it. You can participate in the campaign if you are comfortable with the terms, and once approved, post a picture of it with your recommendations.

    How Much Girls Building Empires Cost?

    The best part about GBE training is that it costs less than a hundred dollars. You do not have to invest a lot of money to get started. All you need is a little creativity and the passion for continuously producing great content around some topic. 

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