Gaming Console On Smartphones With Razer Jungle Cat: Is It Worth It?


Games that are handhelds like Nintendo’s Gameboy, Sony PSP and Nintendo’s 3DS had its peak a decade ago but are now slowly declining. With the continued enhancement in technology, the games on these devices cannot meet the demand for games with high-quality graphics.

In the form of the PlayStation Vita, there were attempts to make a revival of the glory days, but Nintendo Switch was the only one who made it successful. Meanwhile, another player trying to ride this new wave to emulate its recent predecessor’s success is the Razer Junglecat.

What is Razer Jungle Cat?

The Razer Jungle Cat made an impression that its purpose is to only respond with the Nintendo Switch. Throughout the previous years, it was only the Switch who made a massive success regarding the comeback of handheld gaming devices alongside competing with different gaming smartphones.

However, Razer being one with an excellent reputation in the gaming industry, wants to respond on a higher notch. The Razer Junglecat will be a controller that looks like a Joy-Con Controller from Nintendo but can connect with smartphones, an emerging era in the gaming industry.

Games made available through smartphones, both Android and iOS, have significantly been developing in terms of the quality of graphics and the games itself. Various games played on PC have been making a version for mobile devices with League of Legends: Wildrift, Need For Speed, and others.

With this, the Razer Junglecat has proved its innovativeness in taking gaming experiences to the next level; and has once again exceeded expectations in providing high-quality gaming peripherals. The controller may have a simple design, but its performance will not be basic.

The Razer Junglecat can be connected and mounted on the sides through your smartphone’s specific phone case to look like a handheld gaming device. Also, it has compatibility with PC and TV that you can use to mirror your games.

How Much Is The Razer Jungle Cat?

In comparison with the Nintendo Switch, the Junglecat is relatively cheaper at the price of $99.99. However, the device will come relatively expensive if you look at it side-by-side with various smartphone controllers. Nonetheless, Razer is known for its devices’ quality, so it must be worth the purchase.

With its price range, the device has plain packaging and mainly focused on making high-quality devices. You will receive two controllers with a plastic material in the box that you will attach to your smartphones.

There are three mobile cases for Razer Phone 2, Samsung Note 9, and S10+ are included inside, available in the U.S. For option A or the Europe version, they provided cases for almost the same devices, excluding Note 9, which is replaced with Huawei P30 Pro.

Compatibility To Different Devices

It is commonly mistaken that the Razer Junglecat is only compatible with the devices that have specific cases. However, that is not the case. The controller is compatible with Android devices, either smartphones or phablets, but not with Apple devices. You should download the mobile app for Razer Gamepad to use the controller.

The Junglecat can be used as a TV monitor provided that there is a video output on the attached smartphone. The controller can also be supported by Windows PCs that function with Bluetooth.

Battery Life Performance

For gaming consoles, battery life is one of the significant factors. There’s nothing worse than a gadget that’s going to die in the middle of playing a game. Fortunately, the controller’s battery in its department is a warrior.

When ultimately charged, both of the Razer Junglecat controllers will operate for more than 100 hours. As compared to other devices in the same group, this is a significant upgrade that makes Razer Junglecat a top contender in its category.

There is a built-in battery on the Junglecat that allows USB-C charging. The computer connects through Bluetooth Low Energy, also known as BLE, making it possible to perform for 100 hours. Junglecat’s greatest asset is the battery performance, which can favor gamers who like to play during road trips and gamers in streaming.

Sleek Appearance and Aesthetic Design

One of the first things you’ll note based on its appearance is how close the Razer Junglecat is to the Nintendo Switch with differences in colors; the Razer Junglecat in sleek black Switch with bright colors. With these similarities, their form factors are different.

The Junglecat has its dimensions roughly around 1 x 1 x 3 inches. With this dimension, there were complaints about being too compact for gamers with bigger hand sizes. On the other hand, the controller’s grip is estimated at around 1 x 3 x 4 inches. Individually, the controllers weigh 42g and the grip around 100g.

On both sides of the controller, the Razer Junglecat features clickable thumbsticks. It is possible to change the sensitivity of the analog via Razer’s Gamepad app. Moreover, its hollow surface, the left controller has four buttons with a hexagonal shape.

On the other hand, the flat surface of the right controller has four round buttons. You can use the Razer Gamepad application to customize the functions of these buttons. Any Android device running on Android version 8.0 or higher is compatible with the Razer Junglecat controller.

Will the Razer Jungle Cat Outshine Nintendo Switch?

In the age of mobile gaming, the Nintendo Switch has seen unparalleled success. The Transition ended the long trend of handheld gaming consoles that fell down the hill by merging versatility and multiplayer games. Razer with the Junglecat is aimed at replicating the Nintendo Switch’s performance.

The Razer Junglecat brings the gaming console experience to the smartphone’s arena for a relatively affordable price. It seems like Razer will be taking over with a storm. Compatibility with smartphones is their most significant advantage against its competitors; this functionality is way ahead of time but needs improvement on the execution.


The gaming industry has been making new trends that are entirely beyond typical expectations. However, these innovations come with rapidly increasing price tags. Nonetheless, if you want to have the best console-like experience on your smartphone, the Razer Junglecat is definitely worth the try.


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