Gambling laws in Delaware


    Delaware has played a huge roll in developing modern online poker. Delaware opened up for online poker and casino games sites in 2014. During that year the gambling industry brought in around 600 000 US dollars. During the recent years the numbers have dropped and in 2017 the industry only turned over 230 000 US dollars.

    Tri-state online poker liquidity agreement

    This agreement became a lifeline for the online poker business in Delaware. The agreement was signed in 2017 and meant that Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey entered a shared player pool. This agreement became a life line for Delaware’s online poker business.

    The tri-state online poker liquidity agreement delivered positive effect straight away. The online gaming business did a 4,15% increase in 2018 compared to the previous year. Online poker made an increase on a total of 10,65%.

    It is legal to play online poker in Delaware.

    In 2012 the state legalized online poker and casinos. It is The Delaware Lottery that serves to protect and regulate online casinos and casinos in Delaware.

    In Delaware, there are some different companies that holds online gaming licenses. The companies are:

    • Delaware Park and Casino
    • Dover Downs Hotel and Casino
    • Harrington Raceway & Casino

    These online casinos mostly offer Hold’em games. The casinos also offers slots and different table games.

    Make a deposit

    Are you interested of starting to play at one of Delaware online casino? To make a deposit at online casinos in Delaware there are some steps that you need to follow.

    • Start of by register an account.
    • Klick your way to the banking section.
    • Here you can choose a deposit method.
    • You can now enter your funds.
    • And at last you can just confirm your amount.

    There are some different ways you can fund an account by.

    • E-check. You can send an e-check via your bank account.
    • E-wallet. For example, Neteller.
    • Credit card. Visa, MasterCard or any other credit card.

    Play safe!

    Remember to always play safe and responsible. Recent reports estimate that between 6 to 9 percent of young people and young adults have problems with gambling. People that suffers from gambling addiction often suffers from other psychiatric problems, such as depression, a tuff home life, losing friends and a lack of community support.


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