7 Best Gadgets Every Student Should Have


There is no doubt that gadgets and electronic devices are the best friends of the student. This technique helps you work more effectively on your coursework, keep notes and lectures, use the Internet, and even monitor your health. Undoubtedly, services that help students to write different kinds of works, applications for language learning, etc. – are all indispensable assistants. And gadgets are additional tools for successful learning.

Student gadgets should be mobile, moderately productive, and, of course, inexpensive. Let’s consider 7 electronic devices that are worth paying attention to for young people receiving education.

A Reasonable Approach To The Study

Echo Smartpen from Livescribe

The device writes with ordinary ink but is able to remember everything written, and then transmit this information to the computer. The Secret lies in the digital paper, so a special 100-sheet A4 notebook is included in the delivery package. In addition, the pen has a built-in voice recorder – you can record audio synchronously with the notes.

By the way, you can also control the voice recorder using Notepad — there are buttons printed on each page. The new device also has a password protection function. The model is equipped with a micro-USB port and a 3.5 mm output.

Clever digitizer pen – EquilSmartpen2

This is a smartpen that allows you to create notes and drawings on paper and immediately duplicate them in digital form on the screen of your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. The gadget is an interesting alternative to conventional writing devices. Equil Smartpen 2 easily replaces a regular ballpoint pen because it uses a standard ink rod.

The kit also includes a receiver, which is used to determine the position of the pen on the paper and to process and transmit text and drawings to the smartphone. To use the digital capabilities of Equil Smartpen 2, you need to install special applications on your phone/ tablet/computer (IOS, Android, macOS, and Windows are supported).

Handy backpack docking station

The AMPL smart backpack provides smart charging for all your gadgets on the go. It keeps your devices safe, protects them from bumps and damage, and allows you to control them through a special app-without opening the backpack’s zipper.

Inside the smart backpack, the devices are placed in molded protective cases-pockets made of nylon. The backpack provides smart charging of gadgets. You can check the charge level of your devices on the bag’s LED display, as well as in the AMPL mobile app on your smartphone by connecting to the bag via Bluetooth


Undoubtedly, services that help students to write different kinds of works, applications for language learning, etc. – are all indispensable assistants. And gadgets are additional tools for successful learning. These gadgets include those that are responsible for security.

Kensington notebook lock

Kensington lock is a flexible metal cable with a loop at one end and a lock at the other. The lock is inserted into a special hole on the laptop case and closed with a key or secret code. It guarantees that it will be impossible to steal a computer without special tools or brute force.



All students are familiar with the problem of correct posture. A posture corrector can take care of your health. Plastic belt LUMOBACK is capable of many things. This is not only a device that tracks the position of the spine, it is your assistant that will signal your mistakes in time.

A useful gadget is attached to the lower back, thanks to its extraordinary lightness, it is almost invisible to others. Note that this is not only a posture corrector, but also a fairly functional fitness tracker that will show the amount of distance traveled, time spent in a sitting position, and the position in which you slept. All this is displayed on the smartphone screen via a special application.

Universal assistant


This app is another almost indispensable student assistant. The program, which is based on cloud technologies, allows you not only to take notes and store all important files in one place but also to share them with friends.

Evernote has two features that are particularly popular with students: the ability to take photos and save pages from books and textbooks for later reading, as well as the “Share” function, which allows you to share useful notes with your fellow students, giving them access to individual elements of your storage.

Running alarm clock

A running alarm clock is a great opportunity to teach your child to wake up quickly and on time. The main feature of this model is that it is not so easy to turn it off because you need to get up and catch up with the device.


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