Technology and Love: Gadgets for Couples

Gadgets for Couple
Gadgets for Couple

Developers of all kinds of gadgets and devices are well aware of what people in love need and offer more and more devices designed to strengthen your love.

1. Pillow Talk

These are special pillows that will help couples overcome the forced separation, for example, if you date one of the Ukrainian brides and live in another country. The gadget consists of two pillows and two straps, equipped with smart electronics and networked. Each pillow has a miniature control panel, speaker, and LEDs. The straps are worn on the chest under a T-shirt or pajamas, and with the help of sensors built into them, they detect the heartbeat. When you lie on the pillow, the second pillow heats up slightly and emits light. At the same time, you can hear the heartbeat of your loved one. Isn’t it nice?

2. Kissing at a distance

What is love without kisses? If you are far from each other, don’t despair! There is Kissenger! The device is strange: a plastic sphere (head) with a silicone attachment (lips). Both partners have Kissengers that are connected to laptops. Everything happens synchronously: you kiss these plastic spheres, the sensors record the pressure of the lips, read it, transform it into a signal for transmission via the Internet, and then back into the movement of the “lips” of another Kissenger. Yes, it is strange, but what to do if you can’t kiss each other? The only thing is that the Kissinger exists only in the format of a concept so far, without clear terms for the possible release of the device.

3. Night sky in the bathroom

What can be better than taking a bath together? Homestar Spa, a unique Japanese gadget from Sega Toys, will also create romance in the bathroom. It is a waterproof ball with multiple lighting modes. The gadget will help create the effect of a starry sky, or you can turn it with the luminous side into the water and shimmer it. It is quite romantic if you have a date at home.

4. A bracelet that senses touch

This is the gadget from the House of Haptics team. These are bracelets with which lovers can send touch to each other even from other countries. The device works like this: as soon as you touch the bracelet in two places, a signal will be sent to the smartphone of your loved one. It is transmitted to the second bracelet and causes the second bracelet to gently squeeze the wrist. Special tactile technology simulates real touch.

5. Roly Poly

The next gadget is called Roly Poly, and it was created to help you feel the closeness of your significant others, no matter how far they are. The principle of work of this strange gadget is quite simple: two eggs are equipped with special motors and a wireless communication module. After you pair the devices, they will follow each other’s movements, even if their owners are in different countries. So, if your gadget suddenly swayed, then you can be sure that your soulmate sends you some signals this way. Its idea is to give two people the opportunity to physically sense each other at a distance, and thus, it is the opportunity to show love and care.

6. Heart Messenger

Romantics often lack the time and words to express their feelings. For them, Lovebox was invented for transmitting messages through a cute box with a heart. To send a message you need to download an easy-to-use application. When sending a message, a red heart begins to spin on the partner’s box. If you lift the lid of the box, a message will appear on the inner screen. And it is easy to answer your loved one: just press the heart. Of course, no device can replace a real meeting but using it makes separation not so painful and long. 


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