Top 6 Free SEO Online Tools Everyone Should Use!


Are you looking for free SEO online tools that help in driving traffic to your blog or website? Well, there are tons of options available out there, but very few of them work. A good SEO tool is the one that has the effectiveness and power to provide adequate resources for the users. We know that you have arrived on this platform to make your SEO work easier and convenient. 

In this post, we are going to give you the top 6 best free SEO online tools that will be very useful for increasing your ranking and let you have a great sort of traffic. 

  • Kwebby

Kwebby is a pretty impressive SEO tool having great sort of features like meta tag generator, backlink maker, keyword position checker, and XML sitemap generator among others. It even allows the users to check a server’s status that is highly useful for a network. 

The biggest highlight of this tool is a backlink checker that will let you know the number of links available on a certain profile for free. There is guaranteed that this tool will increase the outreach of your site to a different level. 

  • Google Search Console

The next most amazing tool to perform an online SEO audit is Google Search Console that mainly focuses on optimization. It is a powerful tool that allows users to look at lots of vanity metrics quite comfortably. On top of that, you can fix technical errors along with checking backlinks with this online tool. 

Most people don’t use this tool to its full potential that really keeps them away from lots of excellent features. It allows the users to check the same data as Analytic without any complication. 

  • Animalz Revive

Animalz Revive is a unique type of tool that gives information to the users about the articles that need an update. The presence of this SEO tool will ensure you no longer have to rely on Google Analytics for finding those pages. The most excellent feature of this software is “Traffic Loss Since Peak” which gives users updates about the outdated content that has lost most traffic. 

There won’t be any need for manual filtering on various traffic sources once you start using this top-class SEO tool.

  • MozBar

Mozbar is an exciting method for identifying the important stuff that can be useful for your site. There is a highly impressive browser bar in this tool that allows the users to create an immediate report of visitors on the site. Additionally, you will be provided full information about the ranking factors and related stats quite easily with the Mozbar

This robust version gives a brief set of information to the users without asking any subscription or money. 

  • Panguin Tool

If you want to boost up your search traffic, then Panguin Tool is an impressive choice to make. It is a multi-special tool that upgrades according to the latest trends. You will get complete information about the latest changes made by Google in their algorithm. 

You can easily get access to all the important features usually available in costly SEO tools. Panguin Tool has become a great attraction for startup businesses over the years. 

  • Seed Keywords

Seed Keywords is one of the most exciting tools to perform online SEO audit without too much issue. It is very easy to use and allows users to perform keyword research quite excellently. 

The main feature of this tool is “Submit Query” that scans the search results quite quickly. It will let users find competitive keywords without investing money in costly SEO tools.


From a personal perspective, these free SEO online tools are pretty amazing and useful for increasing ranking in the search results. If you are serious about rankings, then we suggest using the right tools for having an increase in the traffic. 


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