A forklift is a tool that is commonly used to lift and move heavy loads around industries and factories. Moving these objects with a forklift requires little physical effort. The use of a forklift reduces stress, saves time, and reduces the risk of injuries resulting from lifting heavy items.

Although there is a lot of advantage attached to having a forklift in your factory, still, these machines are dangerous. If not operated with care, it can lead to serious accidents.

To be a professional in any field, it is required that you undergo some levels of training and attain certification in that field. So to become a professional Forklift operator, one has to undergo some training. This training is aimed at making you a better operator. It is also designed to ensure your safety and that of others around you. A forklift certification training is usually administered by a qualified, experienced, and certified forklift trainer. These trainers must have gone through a series of training themselves. 

Does a Forklift Trainer Need To Be Recertified?

Compared to forklift operators required to go for revaluation every three years, OSHA doesn’t say anything about expiration on forklift trainers. Still, it is important that these trainers also undergo training from time to time. This is to ensure that they are giving the best to their trainees. A regular revaluation will serve as a refresher course to keep these trainers up to date with the latest technologies. If you are searching for a reliable forklift training program you can trust, you can check out forklift training systems. You can see more information about them here. 

Roles of OSHA in Forklift Training And Certification

According to most state laws, a company’s forklift operators must be certified based on OSHA training standards.

OSHA requires that all workers achieve training and certification before driving a forklift, irrespective of how little time is spent driving a forklift. OSHA estimates that about 77% of forklift accidents could be prevented with proper training, as training has reduced accidents and injuries.

It is important to know that OSHA does not provide forklift training and is not responsible for certifying forklift operators. Also, forklift training programs, as well as vendors, are not endorsed by OSHA. However, employers are required by OSHA to develop and implement training programs for their operators.

What is the OSHA Training Standard?

The OSHA forklift training standard is the basis on which OSHA expects all forklift companies to train their employees. An OSHA standard forklift training should provide truck-related topics and training that will help make forklifting safe and easy.  

An OSHA’s standard forklift training must have the following: 

  • Each operator must be trained and certified in the use of the machines in different situations. 
  • Only a qualified person should be allowed to provide forklift training. It must also be on in a manner the operator best understands.
  • Training needs to be done as often as required.
  • The Training needs to be recorded.

Who Provides Forklift Training and Certification?

OSHA does not provide training nor certification. This is usually the responsibility of the employer’s forklift trainer. Individuals who are not employed or choose to have extra knowledge about forklifting can also go for online training sessions. One thing that must be considered is that OSHA requires hands-on training at a warehouse. This is an important part of getting certified.

What is The Duration of Forklift Certification Valid?

According to OSHA, the certification validity for a forklift operator is three years. Employers are required to retrain and recertify their employees every three years. This helps reevaluate the employees, and it includes a refresher training similar to the same training the forklift operator underwent during the initial forklift training. There is a course for additional training if records show that the operator has been driving unsafely.

How Often is a Trainer Training Carried Out?

There is no stipulated time frame for trainer training. However, according to OSHA, the standard timeframe for the Forklift operator’s certificate’s validity is three years. Going by the OSHA requirements, the same certification validity applies for a trainer training to be carried out.


Forklift training is essential to help avoid accidents and injuries, and thus, an expert must handle it. These experts also need to train and educate themselves from time to time to ensure they can give their best.

One of the most practical importance of forklift training is safety retention. Continuous training will surely improve the overall safety of a workplace. It will also improve the workplace’s efficiency and productivity, bringing about many more positives for the employer.

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