6 Must Have Features To Look For in Folding Bikes

folding bicycle
folding bicycle

When you are ready to buy your first folding bike, there are a few tips to choose a foldable bike that will suit your needs. Some are even collapsible! They have the same basic design as regular bicycles, just with a special handle on the back that allows the rider to fold the seat down into the back of the bicycle. These are a great way to travel on a weekend trip with the family, and they are even ideal for school field trips.

When you are in the market for a new bike, you’ll want to take a close look at some of the features that are available. With so many different options available, you can easily get confused when it comes to choosing the right foldable bicycle Singapore for your needs. 

Features to look for in a foldable bicycle

  • Frame type and strength

One of the most important features to look for is whether the frame is folding or rigid. Both feature points to consider. Folding frames are easier to store and transport, but if you’re looking for a lightweight bike that’s easy to get around on, you will likely be better off with a rigid frame.

  • Type of seat

Of course, you will also want to look at the type of seat that comes on the bike. This will factor largely into your overall satisfaction with the bike and the amount of time you are going to be able to spend riding it. There are a number of different styles available, from upright to cross country style seats. Consider the type of riding you plan on doing before making a selection.

  • Weight 

Another thing to consider is how much weight you’ll want to be able to carry on the bike when it is folded up. Usually you have around two or three pounds to spare when the bike is folded up all the way. If you’re just looking for a basic bike that you can ride for short distances around the neighbourhood, this shouldn’t be a problem. But if you plan to go mountain biking, running, or doing other high-intensity exercises, you’ll want a more robust bike.

  • Full range of services

The next thing to look for in folding bikes is whether or not they offer a full range of services. If you travel long distances and perform many rides regularly, you’ll want to make sure you find a company that offers services that are similar to those offered by more expensive full-scale triathletes. Some of these services include mud removal, water proofing, custom frames, and a host of others. 

You’ll want to pay close attention to this section of a folding bike when you are comparing the pros and cons of different models. For example, you’ll want to make sure that your local bike shop offers these services, especially since this will be an important part of maintaining your bike.

  • Warranty

The final feature to consider is whether or not the folding bike comes with a warranty. Since you don’t have to use the bike once it’s on your property, you want to make sure that you aren’t buying anything but the best. Warranties give you peace of mind that you won’t have to replace your bike if anything goes wrong with it while you’re using it. It’s often a good idea to get a warranty along with the purchase of a used model to help protect the consumer.

  • Price

Probably the most important feature for you to consider when looking for a foldable bike would be the price. If you find one that is too expensive, you are not going to be able to afford it, and you could end up giving up on the idea of using one of these vehicles. The best idea to keep in mind is that you can get a very good quality bike for only a few hundred dollars. However, if you spend just a little bit more, you may be able to find one that is just as good as some of the high priced sports bikes that can be found.

While there are a number of things to think about when it comes to buying folding bikes, these 5 features should help you narrow down the choices. You’ll also want to think carefully about how much space you have available in your garage or in your home before you make a purchase. 

For example, if you can’t fit a large bike in your driveway or in a narrow hallway, you’ll want to make sure that your options are narrowed down to those folding bikes that can be folded in small spaces. You can find these bikes in a number of different sizes, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a bike that will fit into the space you have available.


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