Seven Factors To Consider When Getting A Dental Implant


Dental implants have become an amazing replacement for missing teeth and have made tooth loss a bearable experience. Dental implants are designed not only to look but to also feel like natural teeth. However, whether a dental implant is good for you or not is a personal decision and is dependent on your oral health. Before getting a dental implant, there are many factors to consider, and below are some of them: 

The Dentist’s Experience

This is one of the most important factors to consider before getting a dental implant. It is a life-changing procedure that should not be handled by just anyone, and because of that, you need to confirm whether or not your dentist has enough experience with placing implants. Since dental implants have been in the market for a while, dental health practitioners should have a good level of experience in using this device. However, it is best to confirm your dentist’s level of experience. Online reviews, professional accreditation, and education can be helpful in this process.

Your Comfort 

Having a successful dental implant goes beyond visiting an experienced dentist but also being comfortable with them. In this kind of procedure, trust is highly needed. Your dentist should be able to explain the whole process comprehensively. This also includes the success rates and the potential risks that come with getting an implant done. Before the process, you should look out for the dentist’s approachability, professionalism, reputation, and personality. In some cases, your dentist will recommend a more experienced specialist to handle the placement of your implants. 

The Cost

Dental implants have been classified as one of the most expensive solutions to replacing a lost tooth, and because of that, many people shy away from using it. However, you need to understand that the amazing functions of implants tend to make up for its cost. Unlike other options, you don’t have to worry about complications that may appear down the road. The cost of your dental procedure may be bearable with insurance coverage; however, not all dental insurance covers the total cost of placing an implant. Also, some dental clinics like Asha Dental may offer your discounts on some procedures. Depending on whatever promo they have going on. 

The Advantages

This is another factor that you should consider before replacing a lost tooth. Although many advantages come with getting a dental implant, you need to be certain that these advantages are good enough for you. When compared to dentures, implants have been seen to be easier to eat with. They are also more aesthetically pleasing and do not affect your speech. There is also the advantage of using this for the rest of your life. A dental implant also comes with an artificial root replacement technology that supports your jaw bone and prevents the complications that could have been caused by this procedure. 

The Disadvantages

Just like any medical procedure, there are always risks attached to getting dental implants too. However, you should consider the ratio of the advantage to the disadvantages. You must understand that a dental implant is a surgical procedure that may expose the region where the implant was placed to infections. There is also the risk of getting the surrounding teeth, tissues, and nerves damaged in the process. With proper planning and consultations, the chances of these happening are reduced. 

The Success Rate

This should also be an important factor to consider before getting a dental implant. Generally, this procedure enjoys a high success rate; however, it also depends on certain factors like the oral health of the individual, the severity of the case, and the care received after the procedure. Usually, the different processes for dental implants take up to six months apart, and within this period, you will need as much care as possible. 

Your Oral Health

You have to consider the general condition of your teeth before going for a dental implant. Before undergoing this procedure, you must take good care of your teeth to prevent more tooth loss. You should also steer clear of habits like smoking as it is detrimental to your dental health. Practicing good oral hygiene like brushing twice a day, and flossing daily is also necessary for a successful dental implant. 

Finally, you need to know that for a successful dental implant, you will need a thorough consultation with your dentist. 


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