Factors to Consider When Choosing a Translation Company


The translation industry has grown to $30 billion a year in the last couple of years because of an increase in demand for translation services. With such a vast and diverse industry, it could be easy to make mistakes when searching for the right translation company. That is why it is important that you’re not rushing the research process. The translation company that you ultimately settle on should be able to take care of your needs. In this guide, we’re going to highlight some of the factors you’ll need to put into consideration when searching for a translation company.

Pay Close Attention to Detail

It is imperative that you’re getting a company that pays close attention to detail given how complex translation can get. A project might seem straightforward but a small mistake could completely ruin everything. Even if it is to translate a video to text, the context of the message has to be captured so that it is not losing meaning. It gets trickier if it is language translation. They should have a deep understanding of the subject and shouldn’t hesitate to reach out in case there is something that needs to be clarified.

Translation Experts And Native Speakers Are Not One in The Same

Just because someone is a native speaker of the language doesn’t mean they can be trusted to provide flawless translation work. A good translation company will not just look at the language capabilities of an individual when hiring because there is a lot more that goes on. You should find out about the qualifications of the translation expert that will be working on your project. What kind of certification do they have and do they have experience with your particular industry? Asking such questions will ensure that you’re getting the right translation expert for the job.

Efficient Project Manager

If it is a big project, you’d want a project manager overseeing every aspect of the job. There will be different moving parts with the project and will be up to the manager to ensure that work is being done efficiently and effectively. Efficiency is just one half of the equilibrium.  Customer support is also vital when working with the project manager. They will provide timely updates and ensure that all your concerns are being addressed.

Professional Editors

It will be an uphill task achieving quality when there are no professional editors. There can only be attention to detail when there is someone to actually go through the work. The editor’s work will be to fact check and make sure that there are no errors with the final draft of the translation.

Customer Support

Since you’re paying for the service, it is only in order that you’re getting reliable customer support. A good company is one that provides round the clock service. They understand that their clients could be located in different time zones and will want answers whenever something is not clear. The customer support should be friendly and knowledgeable so that customers are reassured of the quality of work. It will be easier to work with a company that has production resources around the world so that the needs of clients are being attended to regardless of the time of day or night.

Industry Specialization

It will be a lot easier to work with a translation company that has specific expertise in your line of business or industry. If you’re not sure about the agency’s experience with your niche, you can ask for case studies of the work that they’ve been able to do in the past. This provides confidence that your work will be done with the highest standards of quality and professionalism.


Agencies that have been around for a while will obviously have references. You can reach out to one or two of the references provided and ask them about their experience working with the translation agency. Since past clients will not have any skin in the game, there will be no reason why they shouldn’t be honest about the quality of service.

Experience With Glossaries

Every industry or business will have its own jargon. The same jargon might have been used in the video materials that are being translated. That is why you’ll want to get a translation company that is familiar with your industry’s glossaries. Such a company will likely provide high-quality translation services. You can still ask for case studies and go through the glossaries section to have an idea of what to expect. 


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