Facebook Dark Mode testing begins; might launch soon.

Facebook begins testing dark mode
Facebook begins testing dark mode
Facebook, months after announcing that there plans to give their design a makeover and bring dark mode to its website and mobile apps. The Facebook dark mode testing for the some beta users has finally begun.

Ever since Apple has announced the Dark Mode for its OS, the feature has started appearing on different apps. Now, Facebook has finally begun rolling out the dark mode in beta version for some users.

Reportedly, multiple people were prompted to test the new interface for Facebook. After accepting the prompt, they were asked if they’d like to use the white or dark layout for their use. Reportedly, people shared screenshots on Twitter revealing, the dark mode feature that changed into dark grey from white.

Facebook testing dark mode beta for web interface.
Facebook testing dark mode beta for web interface.

Facebook recently revealed the dark mode feature for its picture sharing platform Instagram, in a new update. Instagram’s dark mode recently made available for devices running on Android 10 and iOS 13.

Facebook-owned instant messaging app WhatsApp recently announced their self-destruct messages for its group chat. Users can now share messages with a time limit & it will disappear after the set time leaving no traces behind.

The new design is not widely accepted. Reports says that people are facing issues with text readability in a few darker mode screens. Reportedly, that the Blue horizon that appears on top of the profile page of the user won’t be there.

This is just a test version, so the final release of dark mode and the new interface might not look similar. Well, You can always switch to the good ol’ classic version of the website.

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