Everything You Need To Know About Planning Fandom Based Parties For The Fiction Nerd In You

Fandom Based Party
Fandom Based Party

Fandom-based parties are the rage now, and the fandom event industry runs into several billion dollars. You need to know the basics of fandom-based parties to make them a success and be the ‘fan favorite.’ 

As a fiction nerd, you need to make an investment in the right technology, have an enthusiastic team, and ensure that you are a patron of the ‘fiction-nerd fandom community.’

Let The Word Out in Your Fandom Community

Fans are looking for a lot of things in a fiction-nerd fandom party such as new merchandise, artists, and Q&A sessions. If you want to build a strong community, here are the things you need to keep in mind: 

Interaction on Social Media

People attending your fandom party are on social media. They follow panelists or artists through this platform, so if you want to plan a party, make sure your team engages with the fans on social media. 

Don’t Forget Surveys

Surveys always provide an enhanced experience for the fans. What your fans think of your party is very important as you’ll know the areas you need to improve. Even if fans enjoyed your party, there’s always room for improvement.

Meetup Spots

There are a lot of fans who will need a specific place to meet, so create meetup spots for those fans who have the same interest areas. 

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Avoid These Common Mistakes

You are doing everything to ensure that the cons or conventions are growing in size, but is the quality getting better? Focus on the following pointers for better results: 

Competent Ticketing Providers

Your fans are attending your party to have an enjoyable experience, and the ticketing process should not be a dampener. The right provider should be able to handle site crashes and ensure that the purchase process is simple. 

Get Security in Place

As your fandom-based parties get bigger, your security arrangements need to get stronger. What complicates matters are costumes that fans wear come with fake swords, arrows, or guns. To make sure that these counterfeit items don’t create real problems, make it compulsory for all fans to go through a security check, and have limited entry points.

Ensure Smooth Entry

The worst thing you can do is make a fan wait. You will get a bad reputation that will go viral. Your staff should be aware of things like peak attendance time, scanning technology, and also know how to handle crowds. 

Poor Network

Ensure the party site has the right infrastructure for excellent cellphone network and charging facilities. Inform your fans regarding the chosen network providers. 

Invest in the Right Technology

A successful fandom-based party needs the latest event technology. Some must-have technological tools you need for your party are free mobile apps, cashless technology, and simulcast or Livestreaming. 

Event Apps

Your fans will expect event apps, and it’s no longer just an option! Every con needs to have its event-related data like venue, schedules, and news accessible through mobile apps. 

Your apps provide you with valuable information like demand for autograph sessions from specific artists. You need to ensure that your event app provides necessary information like digital maps, bios of artists, or meeting points. For better results, add features like links to create a friend list, hold exclusive contests, or create unique games to engage the fans. 

Cashless Technology

Cashless technology means more revenues for you. Attendees at cons are interested in buying event memorabilia, but they won’t wait in the ATM. Having radio frequency identification or RIFD tags will help in streamlining the purchase process. 

If RIFD isn’t possible, then provide alternatives like PayPal, Android Pay, or Apple Pay. 

Simulcast or Livestreaming

Fandom events provide lots of opportunities for fans like getting an autograph from a famous artist or watching the artist in a live Q&A session. 

With Livestreaming, you can ensure your next event is a sellout. Your attendees can share your Livestream with their friends, inviting them to Facebook Live Events or tweeting the link to their friends. Party city near me

Facebook Live and Periscope help attendees share personal experiences. Request your guests to share the Livestream with their friends to have more attendees for your next event. 

Your Livestream event is your best marketing tool as people who watch it are likely to attend your next event if they like it. You can use your Livestream video as a teaser for your forthcoming event. 

Competence of Your Staff

You might have roped in the best artists or speakers, but the billion-dollar question is, does your staff have the right attitude when handling your attendees. 

You need to invest in your staff through training and incentives so that they treat your attendees right. The behavior of your team can make your event a success or a failure. 

Get people who share your passion for fandom-based parties. They should be committed and experienced. If your fans are waiting for a photo op or an autograph and your staff is courteous to them, they will not only be willing to wait willingly for their turn in the queue but also generate revenues by paying a certain amount for this activity. 

If required, you could get additional staff on contract who have experience in fandom-based parties to ensure success. There are a lot of freelancers you can hire from online portals for this job. This will allow you to focus on promoting your events instead of worrying about managing it. 

You could get a fan to volunteer for these events and manage the social media page. These volunteers are happy to interact with celebrity guests. The savings you make here can be invested in the latest technology. 

You can make impacting video intro’s for your event with stranger things intro maker or Harry Potter intro maker and a lot more. 

Be a Successful Fandom Party Planner

You can make your fiction-nerd fandom party a success with some simple tips. Your success depends on getting the right people in your team, investing in the latest technology for promoting your party, and providing the latest payment apps to your attendees to optimize revenues.

The right technology will also ensure that you create a buzz about your next event and use your existing video as a teaser. Happy planning!


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