Engagement Ring with Emerald

Emerald Ring
Emerald Ring

“A dream in green”

It is rare, noble, distinctive and shines in an elegant green sheen: the emerald. It is a gem with breathtaking beauty. The term “emerald green” is often used to describe a green object in a poetic way. But, what exactly makes an engagement ring with an emerald stand out? Find out everything about the Emerald Ring here.

The History and Meaning of the Emerald

The word emerald means something like “shiny stone” – of course, it is shiny. The word is often used to indicate a region or an object in which a connection can be made with the unmistakable green color. For example, Ireland is popularly known as “The Emerald Isle” – certainly a reference to the island’s endlessly lush green expanses. The term can also be found in the name “Emerald Cut”, which describes a specific grinding technique. The color should be brought out even more by grinding.

History elaborates that emerald jewelry has long been popular, especially as wedding rings. Check out the best wedding rings collection of emerald at segaljewellery.com. The beautiful gems were found in the burial chambers of ancient Egyptian pharaohs. From about 3500 – 200 BC, there was the largest mining and trading of gemstones. Today, Colombia, Brazil, some African countries and Asia are the leading suppliers of precious gemstones. But, what is the meaning of the precious, sparkling green gem? The spiritual and eternal forces of emerald jewelry empower soul and making wearer purer.

Moreover, immortality and eternal youth directly showcase on your skin. Another rumor revolves around is that the stone has healing powers and is said to be effective for skin problems. However, this information has not been medically tested. But it is clear that an emerald owner can count himself lucky because he has a symbolic gem.

Traditionally, an emerald ring is also given on the 36th wedding anniversary since this is also called an emerald wedding.

There are many reasons to wear and gift emerald to someone. Emerald is considered as the traditional birthstone for May and astrological sign of Cancer. Perhaps, the birth month of your loved one is May; she or he will surely look forward to this special engagement ring with emerald as an alternative to the diamond ring when you propose marriage.

Use and Significance of Emerald

The green gemstone emerald is mainly processed into jewelry (chains, rings, earrings, bracelets or pendants), but is also popular as a mineral in collections. For instance, extensive emeralds’ collections can be found in the British Museum of Natural History in London, the American Museum of Natural History in New York and the Russian State Treasury or the Vienna Treasury. The world’s largest collection of emeralds is stored in the central bank of Bogota/Colombia. The major emerald mines are located in Pakistan and Afghanistan, but they are also located in other parts of the world, including Europe.

Healing Stone Emerald

In addition, emerald is traded as a chakra stone/healing stone. Still, this myth is just a belief and not medically proven.

Emerald is also considered a lucky stone for those born in May (so-called monthly stone or birthstone).

Rough Stone Jewelry with Emerald

While classic emerald jewelry relies on faceted emeralds, rough stone jewelry builds on the beauty of unprocessed stones.

The trend is not new; raw stones go through various processes for centuries so that the stones can be worn as a chain. However, the trend of wearing it as rings and earrings is new, also it yields from a rough stone. Most of the time, the untreated and natural stones are held in a frame or prong setting.

A major advantage is the price of these stones. Compared to a stone of the same weight, uncut emeralds are much cheaper to buy for jewelry. The proportion of the perfect cut or processing in the price of a gemstone is up to 40%.

Green Emerald Engagement Ring with Emerald

Emeralds are listed on the Mohs scale with a hardness of up to 8. It makes them one of the harder minerals. The gloss is described as a glass gloss and you can see through a particularly pure stone. Precisely, engagement rings with emeralds look incredibly noble.

Processing and care

How does a pretty emerald engagement ring come about? As already indicated, the stone often has inclusions and deposits in its original state. Therefore, it is usually the case that color and purity can be corrected afterward. Very intense heating increases the color intensity of the emerald; however, this process is used with caution. Extreme heating can somehow make the stone brittle due to other additives and may be damaged.

Engagement Ring with Emerald Care Processing

Above all, the focus is on giving the emerald stability. The raw emerald can be filled with specially colored wax, plastic or resin and are sealed to make them somewhat less sensitive for everyday use. Classically, the emerald cut makes the raw emerald look fantastic. After emerald cut, the product gives a shiny look; this process is also called finishing, the emerald cut is a technical language of the gemology. However, other grinding techniques are also commonly used, the jeweler you trust will give you extensive advice on which process works best in your case.

If you are not wearing emerald engagement or wedding ring, protect it from light and dust. The best way to protect it to keep it in a suitable jewelry box. When working in the garden, cleaning or showering, it is better to remove an emerald ring since chemical additives can affect the surface. If you find it dusty or something, you have a choice to wipe its surface carefully using a piece of wet cloth. Sometimes a soft toothbrush can solve the problem. However, it is better not to remove heavier impurities at home, a professional jeweler can take better care of this gem.

Engagement Rings with Emerald in Different Colors

Like classic diamond rings, emerald rings are available in different colors. Would you like a ring in white gold, yellow gold or rose gold? It depends on your taste, what jewelry you prefer to wear or to gift it to your partner. All variants definitely look very classy and are not just for women who have emerald green eyes.


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