Eargo vs Widex Hearing Aids: Which Brand Wins?

eargo vs widex
eargo vs widex

Choosing which brand of hearing aid to go with can be a minefield. With many factors to hearing loss and as many aids to deal with them, it’s a decision that needs careful consideration. Eargo and Widex are two of the best brands for mild to moderate hearing loss, currently on the market, and are, therefore, a great place to start looking. By comparing the pros and cons of each, you’ll decide which brand suits your needs best.


Eargo offers CIC (Completely in Canal) devices that are lightweight and nearly invisible externally. CIC allows for a discrete hearing aid that delivers excellent sound quality at a reasonable price.


These hearing aids are suitable for mild to moderate loss of high-frequency hearing. Most people who experience hearing loss suffer it within this range, making Eargo an excellent option for most people.

These devices are all CIC (completely in canal), meaning they are very discrete and lightweight. As there is nothing behind your ear, they are comfortable worn all day, and most people won’t notice you’re wearing them. This discretion is a great comfort if you’re already feeling self-conscious about aging.

However, if you’re worried about the feel of a CIC device, Eargo offers a free sample kit. This kit contains two non-working devices that allow you to try the fit and feel of the CIC device before committing to buying. 

These aren’t the most expensive devices on the market, costing between $1500 – $2950 per pair. At this price, they are middle range in terms of price. Considering their reputation for sound quality and comfort to wear, this makes them very reasonable.

Additionally, financing is available for Eargo products, meaning you won’t be stung with a considerable lump sum cost.

These cute little hearing aids come with rechargeable batteries as a default, meaning there is no scrabbling around trying to find the correct size battery at inconvenient times. It’s also better for the environment as fewer batteries end up in landfills.

All Eargo hearing aids are Bluetooth enabled, guaranteeing you’ll benefit from all this technology offers. Benefits include improved sound quality and a tailored hearing experience. Bluetooth provides features previously provided by telecoil technology.

You’ll benefit from the 1- 2-year warranty should any issues arise. And should you decide that these devices aren’t suitable for you, there is a 45-day money-back guarantee.


Though support is available through their app or via phone call, you need to program the device yourself. If you feel like you’ll struggle with this, before committing, check out the support offered or find someone willing to help you. It would be a pity for you not to get the best sound quality possible.

These devices do not have the induction loop, telecoil technology. However, they are Bluetooth enabled, which takes the place of a telecoil. 

With only CIC devices on offer, they may not suit you if you find this style uncomfortable for long periods.  

Although these aren’t the most expensive hearing aids on the market, they’ll still set you back a decent chunk of change. Before committing, be sure you can afford the finance repayments. 


Widex is another famous hearing aid brand for the mild to moderate loss range. They provide a variety of makes and models such as the Widex Moment, that all give the same excellent sound quality. Plus, they bring 65 years of experience to the table.


Widex has several models that come in various fits, including RIC (receiver in canal), ITE (in the ear), BTE (behind the ear). Such variety means you’re sure to find a completely comfortable fit for you to wear all day. And the models that have external components have stylishly designed.

Trademark technology provides a sharp, crisp sound that is professed to be the most natural-sounding on the market. For example, if music is your life, this makes them an excellent choice.

The Widex devices are also Bluetooth enabled, so again you’ll benefit from a personalized sound profile. Bluetooth allows the two devices to connect, improving your hearing experience.

Some Widex hearing aids have a telecoil, giving you the option to use induction loop technology if you prefer. While most people use Bluetooth-enabled devices now, this isn’t always the case, making telecoil still a valid option.

Should you run into any problems with your new hearing aids, they come with a 1-year warranty. The manufacturer also provides a 45-day money-back guarantee. So, if you change your mind in that time, you aren’t stuck with them.

There are various ways to order your devices, meaning you need not be tied to one supplier. Available both directly from a hearing center or audiologist or an online supplier. You’re able to choose the option with whom you’re most comfortable.


Widex hearing aids are on the more expensive end of the market, coming in between $2758 and $4000 per pair. That said, with the experience and cutting-edge technology used, you know they’re this price for good reason.

If you can’t afford the cost upfront, you’ll need to choose your retailer carefully as only some provide finance. Consider what each retailer is offering before committing to financing, as more choice can mean more confusion.

While it’s terrific, there are a variety of models available; the different models aren’t consistent in the batteries used. Some use disposable batteries, with size depending on the make. Be sure you know which size battery your hearing aid takes and that you can readily buy new ones when needed. Some models have rechargeable batteries, and hopefully, this will become the norm across the whole range.

Ultimately the brand that wins here is the one that fits your needs best as both brands offer excellent options. Each company gives options covering a wide range of budgets from mid-market up. Ultimately it comes down to the fit you find most comfortable and sound quality that will improve your hearing best. As with other areas of healthcare, hearing is a very individual thing, but between them, Eargo and Widex provide plenty of excellent options.


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