5 Signs Your Child Is Smoking E-Cigarettes

Signs that you are child is smoking
Signs that you are child is smoking

Recently, it has become very fashionable to smoke e-cigarettes among teenagers. Due to increased demand of vaping and e-liquids there has been drastic increase in e-liquid providers. Such products are now available in the market at cheap prices. Therefore, teenagers start to smoke e-cigarettes.

Attractive packaging and different flavors as provided by nasty juice e-liquids attract the teenagers to smoke. Therefore, it is really important for parents to keep a check on their child. Are you sure your child does not smoke? This article is a must-read if you care.

1. Strange Greasy Stains on Clothes

If, when washing clothes, you begin to notice strange greasy stains, then be sure to check them for smell. If they smell like something that doesn’t leave greasy stains, like the stain smells like tea with bergamot or just tobacco, it’s worth considering.

After all, such stains can leave, inaccurately spilled, drops from liquid for refueling electronic cigarettes. This just confirms that your child is using some tobacco product and maximum chances are that it is vaping.

2. A Suspicious Smell in the Room

The range of e-liquids for electronic cigarettes is very diverse. It will come as a surprise to many, but liquids can smell not only tobacco and fruits, but also baked goods, tea, alcohol or confectionery.

If you begin to notice that your child has a strange smell in the room, be sure to pay attention to this. For example, if a strong watermelon-melon aroma appears in the room in winter, this is at least suspicious.

Try to look for the same scent again, if caught it means your child is definitely involved in vaping.

3. Glasses Are Covered With a Greasy Layer

The basis of e-liquids is glycerin. Glycerin is a thick, transparent liquid obtained by chemical processing of fats. During evaporation, the glycerin turns into a thick vapor. When the steam hits a hard surface, which in turn is colder than the steam itself. Glycerin condenses on the surface.

If it’s pretty cool outside, steam will settle on the glass when it hits the glass. Thus, a greasy film will appear on the glass, which will remain there for a long time.

While cleaning the room, try to give close attention on the glasses of the room, even the optical that your child wears, if there is a greasy layer then something like e-cigarettes might be the reason.

4. There Are Always Huge Batteries on the Charge

If a charger designed for large batteries has appeared in your house, and there is no equipment that can use such batteries. This is also a great argument to consider if your child smokes electronic cigarettes.

As e-cigarettes require batteries, that once finished requires to be charged again for next use. This is an easy way to find out if there is any smoking going on in house.

5. Appetite Often Disappears

Often teenagers smoke e-cigarettes with very sweet flavors. Among them can be found confectionery products, various pastries, fruits.

When a person smokes e-cigarettes with this flavor, they kill their appetite. Because he has already “eaten a pie”, so he does not want to eat soup or pasta with a cutlet.

Decrease in appetite causes fatigue, laziness and even impacts the vision of the user. Therefore, if any of these symptoms appear know that you have you do some counseling.

Final Words

In any case, know that you need to be polite and be attached with your child, never go too harsh on them. In today’s age it is an extremely difficult job to keep a close check on a child.

If not at home, they might be using tobacco containing products outside with their friends. Therefore, be close with your kids and make sure they trust you and won’t be hiding anything from you.

Considering the signs, if you get to know that your child is involved in such harmful activities, it’s high time to have a sitting with him/her and counsel them with love. Make them understand the harmful impact it will bring not only to their lives but also the people around them. It’s never too late to step back and regain the health.


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