Complete Guide To Choose Rental Car in Dubai

Dubai Car Rental
Dubai Car Rental

Dubai is one of the mesmerizing destinations in the world. Not only tourists who often like to do various activities like desert safari, Dubai aquarium and much more. A Desert Safari Dubai is unique for several reasons apart from the fact that there are so many activities that you can enroll in during this safari. To begin with, the landscape that you witness during a safari is gorgeous. You can continue to watch at this marvel with a camp stay all night after a safari experience which makes this Dubai desert safari more unique.

Not only tourists but also commercial travelers often go to Dubai from all over the world. Dubai trips become more exciting while traveling in exotically luxurious cars. You can get your car on rent from any Dubai car rental company according to the duration of your stay.

If you have some plans for spending a vacation with your family in Dubai, I suggest you prefer car rental services instead of public transport. Moreover, you can find an opportunity to drive your dream car in this way.

Here is a brief guide to the best rentals of Dubai providing deep intimate knowledge about the hiring of car and other agreement formalities to be fulfilled by automobile rentals.

Table of content:

  • Which car rental company should I choose?
  • Do I need a driving license?
  • Can I drive a rented vehicle outside UAE?
  • Am I eligible for driving in Dubai?
  • Are documents required for renting an automobile in Dubai?
  • Is there any need for insurance for rental vehicles?
  • Do rented automobiles have mileage limits?

Which car rental company should I choose?

Before renting a car from a rental vehicle company, check the reviews of the company’s clients, rules and regulations of driving in UAE, and car rental policies in Dubai.

You can search for the best car rental company from the comparison sites of automobile rentals. Thus, choose the company providing superb fast-driving cars to its customers at an affordable budget.

Do I need a driving license?

Yes, of course. You need a driving license to drive a rented automobile in Dubai. UAE residents’ have a valid driving license. Visitors and business travelers should have their International Driving Permit (IDP).

But if you are from countries listed by Dubai, you can rent a car even with the availability of an International Driving Licence only.

Can I drive a rented vehicle outside UAE?

No, you can’t drive a rented car outside the UAE.

For your trips outside to UAE, never use rental automobiles because the use of Dubai cars outside the UAE is strictly prohibited by the Government of UAE.

Am I eligible for driving in Dubai?

If your age is more than 18 years old, you can drive a car. But, the minimum age for renting or leasing a car from the car lease Dubai company should be 21 years old.

So, you can drive at 18 but not rent an automobile. Despite this age limit, some vehicle rentals have set their policies and minimum age limit of 25 years old.

Are documents required for renting an automobile in Dubai?

Yes, there is a requirement for some documents to rent an automobile in Dubai.

Dubai car rentals demand a passport copy, special driving license, International driving license, auto-insurance company details, income proof, and residence proof.

Is there any need for insurance for rental vehicles?

The insurance requirement depends upon the duration of renting. If you are going to hire a car for a short time, there is no need for insurance.

But if you want to enjoy car lease Dubai services for a long period, you must have to provide insurance documents. In case of leasing a car, banks demand full coverage on your automobile.

Do rented automobiles have mileage limits?

Not necessarily. Some companies provide unlimited mileage offers to their customers while others have a mileage cap. In case of mileage limitation, you have to pay for every extra mile you traveled.

You are suggested to check whether there is any mileage limitation imposed by car rentals or not before signing an automobile rental agreement.

There is a need for some money deposit to the company so that the rental company can cover the loss of the vehicle in case of any damage. You can also enjoy free parking in Dubai by renting a car as some companies provide a parking card to its customers.

Therefore, you can easily rent a car from any professional automobile rental company in Dubai.


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