Different Ways To Wear The Jersey Of Your Favorite Football Team

Different Ways of Wearing Your Favorite Jersey
Different Ways of Wearing Your Favorite Jersey

There are many different ways to wear an AFL jersey. Owning AFL jerseys has not only been a way to show your love for the game, but it has also started a new trend in the fashion world. Fashionistas all over Australia have found new ways to wear an AFL jersey. Even though men were upfront in buying the jersey of their favorite team, women, as expected, came up front to take the lead in improvising new ways to wear an AFL jersey. 

Here today, we will discuss different ways to wear these jerseys to upgrade your style statement to the next level. Here is a promo code for you to buy the jersey of your favourite team at a discount. It is the 27% off AFL Footy Shop discount codes AUS or you can use voucher codes too. Try them for great deals. 

A Modified Jersey with Skinny Jeans

It is one of the great ways to wear an AFL jersey. Modified jerseys are very much in trend these days. And with the evergreen skinny jeans in the scene, it can make anyone look flawless. This is the best way to look flawless in minutes. So, try it today. The combination of baggy jersey with tight trousers is the best combination anyone can ask for.

Layered Jerseys

No matter if you are wearing trousers or skirts. Layered Jerseys are one of the best ways to put on the jerseys of your favourite teams. Yeah, you heard it right. It’s not only for the hairstyle; jerseys can be layered too. 

Cut your jersey to make a crop top and then team up with a tank top beneath it. Or can put a full sleeve beneath your jersey for the cold days. Irrespective of your mood or the weather, the layered jersey is an excellent style for you to fetch before going out.

Jerseys as Mini Dresses

It is another good option for those who dare to go far to look good. You will not mind cutting a few layers off and wearing a long jersey as a mini dress. Putting a belt around the middle will add more elegance to the look. And then play your Trump cards. Tie them up with a long necklace and ankle-length boots to finish it off in style.

So, these are some of the ways to make the jersey of your favourite football your style statement. Try them all; try them now.


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