Can Hair Transplant Go Wrong

hair transplant
hair transplant

Hair transplants are usually carried out to introduce more hair to areas of the head that may be balding and thinning. This procedure is done by removing hair from areas of the body with hair and then grafting it to the balding and thinning areas of the scalp.

Just like with any medical procedure, a hair transplant can also go wrong. There are few circumstances that can lead to a hair transplant going wrong. One of which is not doing proper research on the doctor you choose. When picking a hair surgeon, you need to be thorough. To get the best result, only stick with reputable surgeons.

Listed below are some of the factors that can lead to a bad hair transplant. 

Inexperienced And Unqualified Surgeon

One of the major reasons behind a bad hair transplant is choosing an unfit surgeon. When you do so, you face the dangers of scarring and diseases. Numerous patients pick a specialist based on their publicizing effort, luxurious guarantees of results, and pricing. 

Graft placement is one of the most significant stages in a hair restoration process, as it decides the result of the last appearance of the patient. On the off chance that this stage is not done appropriately, the whole process will fall flat. 

Also, it is easier for inexperienced surgeons to commit errors when attempting to decide the protected giver site ( usually situated on the rear of the patient’s head), where the healthy follicles are being extracted. Overharvesting could cause huge harm in the benefactor zone and result in a disastrous result.

Wrong Candidate For A Hair Transplant

Although hair transplant is life-changing for many people, not everyone is a good candidate for this surgical procedure. A qualified and experienced hair surgeon like Dr. Alexis a Melbourne hair surgeon will always make sure a detailed medical report is obtained and reviewed before going ahead with the surgery. Things like medical history and genetics can help you determine whether you are the right candidate for a hair transplant or not. A thorough consultation can also help you realize what the initial cause of your hair loss is and whether the solution to your problem is a hair transplant. Asides from hereditary, another reason for hair loss is stress, hormonal imbalance, stress, and an underlying health condition. It is the job of a good doctor to identify the cause of your hair loss and advise whether or not to proceed with the hair restoration surgery. 

In addition to this, your hair loss has to get to a certain stage before undergoing hair transplant surgery to get a satisfactory result.


Numerous patients feel their hair transplant process got affected on the grounds that they didn’t comprehend the process involved or were not well informed of the dangers and expected outcomes. This lack of communication between the surgeon and the patients might lead to the patients not adhering strictly to the post-operative directions or comprehend the outcomes. This will negatively affect the process of healing and the general outcome of the procedure.

Unlicensed and Dishonest Hair Transplant Clinic

There are several unlicensed and inexperienced clinics offering hair transplant procedures to just anybody. They do so without checking if the patient qualifies for the procedure or even their current state of health. 

Before settling for any hair clinic, you must carry out thorough research to ensure that you don’t fall into the hands of surgeons that only want to make money off you. These kinds of professionals will care less about your well-being and harm you. You should also make recommendations, reviews, and the online reputation of the clinic seriously when searching for a hair transplant clinic. 

Another thing common with unlicensed clinics is that they don’t hire qualified doctors. Since they are not qualified and inexperienced they are less expensive to employ. Some hair transplant clinics also cheat their clients by claiming that they require a higher number of grafts. 

When getting a hair transplant, it is important that you carefully choose a surgeon and clinic-based on integrity, experience, and results. The emotional distress, pain and additional expenses involved in getting a bad hair transplant can be avoided by diligently doing thorough research when trying to choose the surgeon to work with or book with a hair transplant clinic.


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