Reasons to Move to a Dedicated Server

Advantages of dedicated server
Advantages of dedicated server

A lot of businesses have gone online primarily because that is where the eyeballs have shifted to. You need to put your message in front of the right audience. Not a lot of people still watch television or hear the radio. For a business that is looking to grow and thrive in this era, it is crucial that you’re investing in digital marketing. This will only be possible when you have a robust online presence. It could be that your web host is getting in the way of achieving a fast website. Sometimes you might have outgrown the resources that have been allocated. Here are some of the reasons why you should move to a dedicated server.

Improved Performance

This is one of the reasons why you’d want to move to a dedicated server in the first place. The problem might be the host but you want better performance and you’re willing to pay more for it. You might have noticed that your website traffic is going up and is overwhelming the server. Getting Dedicated Hosting Dedicated Server Hosting makes perfect sense as you get to have more control over the performance. You can allocate resources appropriately depending on the areas that you’d want to prioritize on. You don’t want your website taking too much time to load as that will definitely discourage visitors from coming back.

Improved Security

When you’re sharing, there is always the risk that the security could be breached no matter how careful you are. This is because you have no control what another person will be doing with the server but will share the same consequences once there is a security breach. With a dedicated server, you have complete control over the security and you’ll never have to worry about the vulnerabilities that could come about because of the users.


Your website needs to be online for the most part if you’re to compete online. When it is shared hosting, there is no guarantee when it comes to reliability. When there is an issue, you can quickly diagnose and provide a fix as you’ll be the only one that will be using the server. For shared hosting, you will not have any other option but to contact customer support so that they can fix the problem. This could take up to 12 hours and that is the last thing you’d want to go through when you have an online business.

Dedicated Server Benefits
Dedicated Server Benefits

More Options

A dedicated server will obviously offer more options compared to a shared one. You might want to add a data intensive aspect to your website. Since it won’t just be an informational platform, you need a solution that can easily be scaled. With shared hosting, you’ll be limited to the resources that are allocated to you. There are web companies that will suspend your account without warning yet it was not an intentional mistake to overwhelm the shared servers.

Easy Management

Most companies will want to make sure that clients that are paying for dedicated servers are having an easy time as possible. You can reach out to them if you’d want someone to help with the installation and maintenance. Once the installation is complete, the maintenance aspect won’t be an issue as it is straightforward.

Easy to Configure

A dedicated server can be equated to a personal computer. It is relatively easy to configure it to your needs. You can partition the RAM and the physical memory to your requirements. You will not be given warnings provided whatever you’re doing is legal.

It is Cheaper

If you’re a business that cares about growth, you’d not want to keep sensitive information on shared hosting. You get more options, faster results, and scalable solutions. It makes business sense because you’ll be seeing a decrease in some overheads as there will be efficiency in all the processes.

Maximize Gains

When there is more traffic to your site, there is a higher chance of a conversion. This will mean an increase in revenue for your business. A fast and reliable website is one of the best assets that a business can have in the digital era. The gains of going for a dedicated server will be felt in every area of your business and not just on the technical side of things.

To sum it up, you should not just be looking at the cost when searching for a dedicated hosting provider. Make sure that they’re reliable and have stellar customer support in place so that you have someone to reach out to in case there is an issue.


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