How To Find The Domain Authority of a Website Easily

PerPostSEO DA PA Checker
PerPostSEO DA PA Checker

Every webmaster on the internet strives towards a goal of achieving higher ratings on Google pages. A more top-ranking means that whenever a user performs a Google search on the topic that is related to your area of interest, your website would be displayed on the first page.

The progression of the technology sector had seen SEO develop into a lot more intricacy, unlike before, when the keywords were seen as the central factor of SEO- optimization.

To achieve a higher rank, Google now takes into consideration several key factors. Though the complete and inclusive method used for determining these ranks remains a mystery, we now have valuable information relating to it.

MOZ was the first website that proposed the idea of metrics in the form of Domain Authority and Page Authority. If you are new in the field and you might not be thoroughly familiar with the concept and its importance.

Domain Authority

Domain Authority (DA) is one of the metrics that a user can use in finding how their website would fare on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). MOZ first presented the idea of it.

Domain Authority score is a rating that can range from 0 -100. The score serves as an understanding of how well your website is boosted for Google. The higher the Domain Authority score, the more likely it getting a higher rating on Google engine.

The Domain Authority score is evaluated by taking into account several important factors. These factors are not only incremental in establishing a higher rating; furthermore, they also play a crucial role in generating more traffic on your website and framing its overall reputation.

Some of the most significant factors that directly impact the DA score of your website are quality backlinks, exceptional quality content, social media advertising, etc.

Importance of a higher DA score

The Domain Authority score of a website is an indication of how your site would be ranked on Google. Generally, the website with the highest score gets the first rank on the first page.

A higher rank plays a crucial role in attracting more audience to your website. It is also significant in outlining your website’s reputation. It is because the sites that usually possess a higher score are a constant attraction for advertisers, which then approach them for advertising purposes.

How to Find the DA score of a site

When we look at the significance of Domain authority, you must be well-aware of the score of your website. It will help you in evaluating the factors and improving results continually, but how do we find the Domain Authority (DA) of a website?

You can easily calculate the Domain Authority of your site by using a DA checker tool. These tools are usually available online and without any cost. While for more complex calculations and professional use, you might need to opt-out for a paid membership; there are several tools available online for bloggers.

Best Domain Authority checker tools

Many websites propose DA checkers; however, it doesn’t mean that all of them are equally reliable. There are specific tools available out there that are updated regularly and provide accurate results.

Though MOZ first introduced the metric, numerous sites have used their procedure of finding the score. So before you use a tool and rely upon it, you need to make sure that you choose the one that presents a high degree of precision and accuracy. In a contradicting situation, if you get inaccurate results, it would be harder for you to make improvements and modifications to the content of your website.


MOZ came up with the metrics which help the user in finding information relating to the optimization of their website SEO. It also presented a tool for calculating them as well.

MOZ proposed tool is easy to use and requires no registration or payment, although, it is a rather straightforward tool compared to its paid ones, it is ideally designed for bloggers and site owners who might not have enough resources.

It is effortless to use. You have to insert the URL of your domain in the tool and click on the ‘’Analyze domain’’ button to get the results. Once the tool thoroughly scans for all the required information, it presents its report.

The report that the tool presents comprises of the Domain Authority score, the root domains linking, ranking keywords, and the spam score. Furthermore, the other displayed information includes the top linking domains and information relating to keywords.

If you are an organization that requires more in-depth analysis, then it is advised you choose the paid premium membership of the site that is designed ideally for the benefit of companies. The MOZ pro provides a better overlook of your website that is crucial in increasing its image and worth.

Moz Link Explorer
Moz Link Explorer


IF you are looking for a bulk Domain and Page Authority checker, then the PrePostSEO DA PA checker is an exceptional choice.

PrePostSEO DA PA checker

A significant benefit of using this tool is the detailed results generated after an in-depth analysis of all the factors. The final report displays the DA, PA score along with the Domain age, IP address, and Spam Score (SS).

The PrePostSEO DA PA checker is a highly efficient tool with the ability to provide its users with a reliable tool for calculating essential metrics. Another aspect that rates it high on the preference list of many users is easy usage.


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