Top 9 Tips for CV Writing

cv writing
cv writing

Your CV is your ticket that will help secure an interview. For it to be effective, it must grab the attention of the reader within 20 seconds. The potential new employer will know you through your CV. Keep in mind that your CV should summarize your skills and accomplishments, and it should be easy to read. Use these tips to make an immediate positive response from the recruiter.

  1. Customize Your Resume

Looking for a new job can be a grind. Having to research for a job, line up professional references, check salary range – you might be tempted to recycle your old CV. It takes extra effort to ensure it’s tailored to fit a specific job opportunity. It will pay up customizing your CV to fit the job you are applying for. For personalized and professional CV feedback, get help from Professional CV writers. They will personalize your CV to fit the job you will be applying for, even if you want to change your job.  Don’t just list everything you have done. Mention your past proficiencies that capture problem-solving skills and abilities.

  1. Keep It Consistent

Maintain editorial consistency regardless of the formatting choice you make. Ensure you maintain the same formatting throughout the entire document. For instance, if you use a bold font on the header, make sure all the headers are bolded.  A CV that has consistent formatting free from errors conveys attention, and it shows professionalism to details.

  1. Mention All Your Experiences

Recruiters look for a variety of experiences. It’s not only paid employment that matters to them. Mention any other experiences you have, such as volunteering internships, student organization, freelancing, leadership positions, part-time position and so on. They can be great examples to showcase your personality and skill.  The way you write about your experiences in a professional document matter more than the experience itself. You shouldn’t miss an opportunity for lack of knowledge on how to arrange your experiences. Get a professional CV writer who will show you how to go about it. This, way you will be sure to get your dream job.

  1. Mention Your Tech skills

Share any technical knowledge or software skills you have, if any. For instance, if applying for an administrative position, the recruiter expects you to have Microsoft knowledge – as a smart applicant, mention any other certification programs you have completed. Mention every professional experience you have completed in your work history.

  1. Include Soft Skills

The hiring manager wants to see a well-rounded candidate. Having interpersonal skills will make them see you as a promising employee, including problem-solving abilities, creativity, time management, verbal communication, critical thinking and effective writing. You can ask your former coworkers to write a recommendation that mentions your teamwork and leadership qualities.  

  1. Use Keywords

Your CV will only be noticed if you use the right keywords. If you want your CV to receive serious consideration, ensure you mention a specific keyword. When highlighting your experience and skills, use powerful action words such as supervised, developed, controlled, negotiated and analyzed. Such words display a convincing and clear picture of your experience and expertise.

  1. Reckon Your Job Performance

Ensure you are specific on your accomplishment. Give numbers to your experiences, achievements, strengthens and skills. Include sales you made, the number of employees you supervised and many clients you managed. Actual figures and facts are more convincing as compared to a generic description of your performances and tasks. Include concrete evidence of your abilities and skills. Show how you excelled in different positions.

  1. Keep Your CV  Balanced Visually

The function of your CV is to get the employer to get an overview of your professional experience quickly. Avoid overwhelming the amount of white space or amount of text. A strong CV should have a balanced white and black space. Avoid using text smaller than 10 points and pick a legible font. If you decide to use color text, ensure everything will be decipherable once your document is printed.

  1. Proofread

Once you are done writing your resume, meticulously proofread your CV for grammatical goofs and spelling. Read it aloud, focusing on every word. Finally, request a CV writer to double-check it for you; keep in mind that a simple typo might cost you a chance to your dream job. 


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