Everything to know about construction Recruitment.

construction recruitment company
construction recruitment company

Construction jobs like every other thing have certain stereotypes. Some of these stereotypes include the fact that the workers are essentially people from less privileged backgrounds, dirty overalls, and endless labor, hence, getting workers in any construction industry could be a chore. To get passionate people to work in your company, this article highlights everything there is to know about construction recruitment. Also, see here for construction recruitment Brisbane.

Everything to Know About Construction Recruitment.

Proper planning is usually the key to any success or any form of effectiveness at all. In construction recruitment, you require a lot more than masons; in the next five steps below, you should learn everything there is to know about construction recruitment.

  1. Highlight the positions and the profiles needed.

Here, you or your HR should make a list stating the positions you are seeking to fill as well as the characteristics the intending employee must possess before he/she can fill that position. For a construction company, the basic positions to fill up include;

  • Manual skills; include masons, plumbers, electricians, painters, etc.
  • Management skills; projects will require effective management and supervision
  • Customer Relations; here will include secretaries, salesmen, and even account managers
  • Tech Skills; the world is fast becoming a digital, market place and as such, there is the need for online presence for whatsoever you do sell or service you provide.
  1. Draft the job descriptions.

To get the best people for the position and to save yourself hours of employee screening, it is always best to narrow down the search by putting out cleverly crafted job descriptions. A narrowed down job description should include; 

  • The required skills
  • Indicate if the position is long-term or short-term
  • Indicate the backgrounds the company will prefer
  • Educational qualifications
  1. Begin the search

After making previous preparations, it’s time to begin the search for your newest construction recruits. You can always employ the following;

  • Social media
  • Employment websites or online pages
  • Career offices at regular schools or colleges
  1. Interview Time

You cannot skip this phase. Now the interview phase for many companies differs as well as the type and time. You could always have a questionnaire at the beginning of the interview; when prospective employees apply for the job. But then, in general, the keys to successful interview sessions include;

  • Put the prospective employee at ease; almost every employee being interviewed gets nervous and some even panic. This impales their ability to perform well at the interview session. The interviewer should aim to ease the tension in the room before going on with the main questions. 
  • The conversation should be frank and if possibly very open; here, there should be a very honest explanation on what it is you want the candidate to do. This is an extension of the job description asking how or why questions will help you see if indeed the fellow is fit for the position.
  • Conclude the interview; thank them for their time and let them know how soon you would reach out to them.
  1. Create a peaceful and attractive working condition;

For effective use of manpower, a working environment has to be peaceful and tension-free. Hrs. should try their best to foster employee relationships as well as do their best to eradicate the need to work under pressure. In general, all employees of a construction company should have access to;

  • Insurance and health coverage
  • Breaks
  • Pay according to value
  • Equal opportunities


All in all, the above tips should aid the recruitment of the best staff to any construction company. One thing HR should always bear in mind is the fact that employees may discontinue their jobs for various reasons like the need to further their education or get training to help them improve their lives and work appeal


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